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A must try tips in pleasing your transsexual girlfriend

Pharine Lee
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Dating a transsexual women is difficult specially if she is undergoing HRT (Hormone Replacement therapy). She will be mostly be having mood swings and for sure you will be noticing it, you and your relationship will be affected by it however you need to deal with it. You have done this and done that and despite of almost giving the whole universe to her it seems nothing is enough for her.

I want to introduce to you the 3 different learning styles which study shows that each one of us has a dominant learning styles may it be Visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Applying these learning styles in showing your love to your transgender girlfriend might be helpful in making your relationship stronger and even better. Pleasing your transsexual women girlfriend might be a challenge but with the right tactics, you might just get her knock off her feet. Let me try making things simple for you by applying these learning style when teaching a person how to make an apple pie. The visual learners can easily understand how to make an apple pie by reading the steps or instructions, by presenting them photos of how to and what to do in making an apple pie. While the auditory learners can learn fast by merely listening to the instructions. The last but not the least are the kinesthestic learners, people who want to do hands on. They learn best when they are participating in making an apple pie. They want to do the mixing, baking and etc. Each of us has its own style depending on which is dominant, some actually are gifted enough to have multiple learning styles.

Applying these learning styles into a relationship might not have been recorded as successful. But I believe there is no harm in experimenting them and used it to show your love and affection to your partner. May it be online dating or actual dating I believe trial and error is worth a try to please your partner. This may sound technical but you need to identify if she appreciates more to read love letters or hear you saying “I Love you” or maybe she loves to caress you most of the time.  It is not so difficult though if you really to think of it. Cheesy it may seems but writing an “I Love you” on a sticky note and stick it on her cup of coffee is good a way to know if she is visionary.  If that does not work for you nor for her, then maybe whispering “I love you” or “you are beautiful” early in the morning will tell you she is a auditory and that may brighten up her day.  Asking her to hug or kiss you  might just work out for her, that means you want her so much and she loves doing it for you. That you can say she is kinesthetic. This might just be crazy dating tips that you have encoutered but we all do crazy and cheesy stuffs when we are in love. The most important thing is Doing the best for your trans woman girlfriend and for your relationship.

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