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8 commandments in dating a transgender woman

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The multi-part blog that transgender women posted about dating trans women was terrific, and spot on.

Let me offer a few more tips as someone who has dated transgender women almost exclusively for the past ten-plus years. This included living with a trans woman for five years, and dating another for three in a committed relationship although we did not live together. When I wasn’t involved with someone, I was dating mostly transgender women hoping to find a relationship.

Treat a transgender woman as a woman

This is very important, remember that you are dating a woman. She may have thought of herself as female since she was very young, so treat her as such. If all you want is the experience, need to fulfil a fantasy, or think of trans as “chicks with d*cks,” do both you and her a favor and call a professional girl.

Never ask about a trans woman’s genitalia

Never ask her what “size” she is; when she wants you to know, she will tell you and it may not be until she’s ready to sleep with you. When first getting to know a cisgender woman you don’t ask her what size her breasts are so don’t ask a transgender woman how big her tool is.

Not all transgender women are comfortable with it

Since we’re on the subject, different trans women have different feelings about their tool. Some hate it and don’t want it touched or fondled let alone kissed. Most, though, want to experience climax and are delighted to have their lover involved. But find out before you’re both ready to become intimate; there are subtle, sensitive ways to bring up the topic.

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Her story will help you know her better

Listen to her; she’ll be trying to tell you about her life. Speaking from experience, the more you listen the better you will know her, and the better the s*x will be.

Patience is a virtue for her

If she is on hormone therapy, there may be times she’ll be moody or unpredictable. Even though it might be directed at you, usually it has nothing to do with you. Don’t argue with her if it happens; it won’t do any good and she’ll just resent you for not understanding what’s happening to her.

Respect, use what and how she wants to be addressed

What she calls herself is what you should call her. Some women use the term transgender, others may say they are a T-girl, a woman in transition, or something else altogether. In my experience, most dislike the term “shemale.” And never call her a “tranny;” those are cross-dressers and transvestites.

Be proud of having a trans girlfriend

If you are dating regularly, don’t hide her from your friends. If you are afraid or embarrassed dating a trans, don’t.

Be happy having a transgender girlfriend

Enjoy your time together: She’s a unique person.
The transgender women I’ve known, dated and – twice – loved were more open and honest about themselves than were many cisgender women I’ve dated. I suspect this is because a transgender woman has had to come to terms with so many fundamental things about themselves that cisgender women take for granted. As a result, the relationships I’ve had with transgender women were open and honest. And a quick PS: Dating a transsexual woman does not mean you’re gay or bi. A woman is defined by what is between her ears, not between her legs. I’ve dated trans women for years and enjoyed making love with a number of them, but have no interest in being with men. So relax and have fun.

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2 thoughts on “8 commandments in dating a transgender woman

  1. Very good article!!! *-* And made with a lot of sensitivity…
    One more contributing to the fact that we transsexual women are treated like normal women, and more valued still for being what we are. For it was not enough to be so women (or even much more) than all the others, we had an extremely difficult challenge and life ahead… That makes us bigger, and people – like you described – much more resolved…
    Special kisses. I hope to find my love here… Thank you for helping us make this a reality… 💗

  2. great article i as a transwoman agree we are women so treat us as such,im here for long term love not a one night stand and never be embarassed to be with us always be open and understanding,you show me that your genuine and sincere with me,and i promise you,i will return the love over timexxxx

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