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Mood Swings of your Transgender Date

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It’s been rainy lately in my country and the gloom is slowly taking over me. I just want to talk about my mood swings as a transgender woman which I obtain from taking hormones. It might help you with your transsexual date so if you’re inclined, keep reading.

For you to have a successful relationship with a transgender woman, the first thing you need to know is if she is undergoing hormone replacement therapy.  I’ve been taking hormones since I was 16 and I can control my emotions but there are just some times that I let them get the best of me.

There are 2 types of medication when undergoing hormone replacement therapy. These are estrogen and anti-androgen.  I’m not going to lecture you about what they do but I’m going to sum it up.

  • Estrogen = Emotions/Libido
  • Anti-Androgen = Libido

Your Transgender Date’s Hormones


I’m a pre-op transgender woman and I have no plans in becoming a post-op transsexual.  Even if I’m satisfied with what I have between my legs, I need anti-androgens to block male characteristics that it propagates.

The thing that I don’t like about anti-androgens is I find myself not as sexual as I am if I’m taking estrogen alone.  Please don’t get offended if I sometimes refuse to be naughty or sexual.  It’s not about you at all.  I find myself very intensely sexual (ok horny) the day after getting estrogen shots.  I take estrogen shots every week and anti-androgens (oral) daily.

Anti-androgens should be taken daily but I take them out of my system from time to time for some reasons that I can’t share with you.


I love this because it makes my skin clear and soft to touch.  The thing that I don’t like about it is it amplifies my cravings for food.  It also makes me more emotional than usual especially when I just had my shot.

There will be times when your transgender date might be escalating situations so it’s best to talk to her calmly.  Never ever synchronize your temper with hers.  Be smart and don’t detonate the bomb.  There are also times that I get lonely out of nowhere and I’d be looking at life in a negative way most especially when the weather is bad.

What I also don’t like about estrogen especially if I just had my shot is I get so lazy.  I have this feeling of just doing nothing and sleeping.  It can kill productivity but I need it like a junkie.

You may be asking why we take hormones if it plays with us mentally and to be honest, I’m asking the same thing myself.  Maybe I just feel more comfortable if I look feminine.  It sounds shallow but when I look feminine, I feel feminine.  I feel more confident with it though it sometimes fucks with my life.

Final Words

All I’m trying to say is that if your transgender date is undergoing hormone replacement therapy and if you love her, I hope you can hold her hand through it.  It may seem trivial but knowing that you’re there for her gives her a sense of security in a volatile play of emotions with hormonal medication.



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