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Your hormonal transgender date

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

I’ve thought about this for about a hundred times before talking about it and the reality is… it happens.

What happens exactly, Amanda?

When hormones get the best of us transgender women.

I am the same as your transgender date but I’m not sure if she is undergoing hormone replacement therapy.  If she is, keep reading.

My Transgender Date is so moody…

I don’t know what’s in hormones but this happens to me personally. Sometimes, I’d be super happy, dramatic, positive, or pessimistic.  I’m an Aquarius so I’m pretty emotionally-detached but there are really times when estrogen takes over every fiber of my being.  My former mentor in life who happens to be a transwoman as well told me to only take hormones before sleeping.  It helped me a lot because I was able to experience fewer side effects during the daytime when I’m active.

Before, I used to take birth control pills. I was misinformed like many others and those pills not only affected my mood but my appetite as well.

My Transgender Date eats a LOT

Relative to the contraceptive pills experience, this happens to most transgender women taking a birth control pill as a means for hormone replacement therapy.  I find that my cravings go awry and that my appetite is just insatiable when I’m taking hormones.  I’m not saying this happens for everyone and maybe I just love food too much lol.

My Transgender Date escalates situations all the time

When you’re in an emotional state, everything can get big.  The dirty underwear on the floor, the way you speak to her, your opinions and etc.  Please don’t take anything personally because you’re the one who has balanced hormones lol.  Take into consideration her status and please be more patient and understanding.  If you can’t handle it anymore, maybe you guys can seek other options for her transitioning.

My transgender date is a sex addict

Again, not speaking for everyone but this happens to me after I take hormones again after some hiatus.  The thing is, if I take only estrogen with no anti-androgen, I find myself super aroused.  I’d think of sex almost all day and it can decrepit my lifestyle for some time.  Your transgender date’s sexual emotions could be a double-edged sword but I think you’re leaning to like this one more lol.

My transgender date is frigid

I had an Aussie boyfriend when I was 17 and we were having sex twice a day, every day, for 2 straight months.  One time, I rejected him and I told him that I wasn’t in the mood.  He said that I didn’t love him anymore.  WTF?! Seriously? Lol.

There will be times when your transgender date may not be into messing up the sheets.  I find that when I take a high dose of anti-androgen, I have zero interest in sex which goes to show that her hormones have nothing to do with how she truly feels about you.

What to do?

I think that it’s best for her to consult an endocrinologist for her to have the right range of hormones.  I’m just sharing my experience as a transgender woman with hormone replacement therapy.  What I noticed when I switched to injectable estradiol valerate from taking birth control pills is I’m less moody, still with cravings but not so much, and still have an appetite for sex.

Just hold her hand through the transition and support her as much as you can.  Be there for her but don’t forget to voice out how you feel if the road gets really rocky so you could both seek options on how to move forward.

Communication is key.



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