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How to know if your date is a USER

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Users are everywhere.  They can be in the form of family, friend, and a lover.  You’re never really going to know what a person’s intentions are; time could only tell.

Today, I’m going to share some signs on whether the person you found from a transgender dating site is just using you.


I’m in no way a paragon of morality but and I think that I’m a bit 50/50 with this. I think this is acceptable if the set-up is like a sugar daddy/sugar mommy-sugar baby kind. However, if this is the issue that’s being masked by love, then I think it’s not okay.

This is very easy to spot because money is fluid. It can be listed through receipts and transaction numbers lol.  If you find yourself spending so much and so frequently for your partner, then I’m pretty sure that he/she is just using you.  The partner you met through an online transgender dating site can also LOVE you GENUINELY and your money is just a big factor of why she loves you but you have to ask yourself if this type of relationship is okay with you.

If you’re at the point wherein you’re already indebted because you keep “helping” your lover, then I think it’s time to cut the credit card (I mean ties).


This is confusing to me because I love sex. I’m the type of transgender girlfriend who will sulk if a man rejects me when I want to have sex.  They say that sex is the highest form of expression when it comes to love so I’m still confused about this one.

Also, be wary with some perverts online because some of them record your intimate cam moments and post it on free porn sites for a profit.  I don’t know how to fully gauge if a person is just using you for sex but I say… HUNCH.  Go with your gut feel.  If the relationship only revolves around S-E-X, then he/she is probably just using you for your body. I know it may sound hot lol but do you really want to live that way?


This happened to me I swear to God lol. I didn’t meet this person from a transgender dating website. I met this user through an online game that I was playing years ago.  He was sweet-talking me only to know that he just wants me to be at his party because I’m a very good player lol.

He didn’t tell me that he’s involved in a relationship so fuck him and his NOOB ass.  I was also used by a lot of people when it comes to creative concepts especially when I worked as a business consultant.  I’m not a greedy person but if someone just talks to you and the topic is repeatedly about how you can help him/her, then that person must be placed in the recycling bin along with the saved cookies from your porn history.



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