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Transgender girlfriend changed for the worse after Surgeries

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Have you been dating a transsexual woman for a long time but she suddenly changed after cosmetic surgery or gender reassignment surgery?  To be honest, I think breast augmentation and SRS are both life-changing surgeries. I don’t want to speak for all transgender women. But, something has definitely changed in me for the first few months post my breast augmentation.

Let it be known that I was single when I had the surgery. This may not apply to your girlfriend.  However, I also noticed this. Especially from seeing the posts from my trans women friends who just had theirs done as well.

Kindly take this article with a grain of salt.

New-found Confidence

After 2 weeks of breast augmentation surgery and my stitches were removed, I was already very excited to show my bigger boobs to the world.  When I say to the world, I literally mean it.  Even before my breasts were fully healed, I was already wearing low-cut tops and posting enormous amounts of big-boobs energy selfies on Facebook.  I know how you might get irritated by this.

However, she didn’t go through the surgery just for your appreciation and validation.  I know it may sound selfish but as a woman, I really love getting positive attention from people; no matter what kind it is lol.  Let your transgender girlfriend have her moment and time to shine. Trust me, the novelty will wear off… mine didn’t, maybe hers will lol.

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Upgraded Self-Worth

I know this is wrong but I really had a moment when I felt like I was too good for broke men because I had my breasts done lol.  The delusion is apparent but I wasn’t the only one.  You might experience new vocabulary and a little arrogance with her especially when she talks to you as she may think that the tides have turned especially if she’s used to leaning on to you.

Big breasts are very powerful especially when trying to attract most men and it’s like having a huge advantage for her to switch things up.  Since her attractiveness level will greatly increase (not that I’m saying she’s not attractive with smaller breasts. Her confidence will shine through because it’s what she’s been dreaming of hence the glow will show up), you might be dealing with a ticking time bomb.

How to deal with your transgender girlfriend

If I were you and I have a transgender girlfriend, what I’d do is to stay the same and stay with her unless she gets really hard to handle, that’s when you start to have an intervention with her.  Be assertive in letting her know how you feel so her feet lands back to the ground.

Never ever put her on a pedestal after her surgery and don’t act like a fan or a patron. Just be yourself, the loving boyfriend who gets irked from time to time and won’t hesitate to call her out if she’s becoming too full of herself.

Good Luck!



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