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5 signs that show he's into you

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So you found this guy through an online dating site and go on your first date with him.  By the end of the night, you’re sure that he’s up for a second date.  But he doesn’t end up calling you and you wonder why.  Did you say anything wrong? Was he really that into you?

Don’t fret, girl. If you want to figure out if a guy really likes you, here are 5 signs that will help you find out if he’s interested in you:

He’ll make time to communicate with you.

He will call you.  He will text you.  He’ll make the time to reply to your messages and if he’s caught up with work or is busy, he will let you know.  Guys who are interested in you will keep you posted or hit you up just to let you know he’s thinking of you.

If he doesn’t want to communicate with you or leaves you hanging after your date, he isn’t serious enough to want to keep your attention.  Also, guys who aren’t interested would rather ignore you than tell you they don’t like it to avoid the drama.

His body language shows it.

Body language has a lot to do with how a person feels about you and it’s been scientifically proven too!  He might not say it, but his body might be showing you otherwise.  Look for subtle hints, like how his body is positioned.  Is it towards you or away from you?  Does he lean in to listen when you’re talking?  Are his arms crossed in front of him or open and relaxed?

Those key signs show whether a guy is comfortable around you and is interested in you romantically, so keep a close eye on that.

He’ll be generous on compliments.

When he sees you all dolled up, he will tell you you’re beautiful.  When you make a witty or funny comment, he won’t hold back on telling you how smart you are.  A guy who likes you will always make sure to tell you how awesome he thinks you are.

Also, remember this ladies, guys like to keep it simple.  They will not give you a compliment if they don’t mean it.

He’ll ask questions about you.

If he talks too much about himself during your date instead of asking about you, he’s most likely not interested to know much.  A man who is interested in you will want to get to know you, so he will ask all the questions to get a deeper knowledge of who you are.

Try to notice whether he’s talking about himself more or asking you questions.  If you’re doing all the asking, and he isn’t asking you back…you might want to re-evaluate whether this guy is serious enough to want to know you more.

He pays attention to what you’re saying.

Ladies, there’s a difference between hearing you and actually listening to you.  One way of knowing whether he’s paying attention to you is if he has follow up questions about your interests or shows genuine interest in it.  Even if you’re talking about the most random thing on the planet like the prehistoric age or pizza, he’ll find a way to relate to you by letting you talk more.

Another thing, if he is interested in you, he’ll take it a step further by taking note of what you said previously and bring it up during another conversation.

These 5 signs are only few of the ways you’ll know he’s into you.  So if you see that he’s showing these “symptoms”, then you can be sure he’s been bitten by the love bug.

One important tip though: if you think he likes you, trust your gut.  Chances are, he might just be a little shy around you.  If you think he’s well worth the wait, then just be a little bit patient.  Or if you want to hasten the pace a bit, you can always boost his confidence by showing him subtle signs you like him too.

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