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When to break up

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Not every relationship involves multiple persons. We should never neglect the relationship that we have with ourselves if we truly want to achieve genuine happiness. Today’s article will be less of transgender dating tips and more of when to break up with someone you’re not in love with anymore.

It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced a breakup and it’s a pain most of the time.  However, there are moments when enough is enough and we should just end things in order to keep our sanity.  I’m going to divide this article into 3 sections that may apply to what you’re currently going through which can help you to finally say YES… yes, I’m going to break up with you.

Mutual Understanding

If both of you happen to dislike each other and you find that the relationship is just getting more and more toxic, it’s way easier to say goodbye.  I’m pretty sure that both of you have reached your boiling points repeatedly and there’s really no reason to stay in a relationship.  If you find that your daily conversation with him leads to heated arguments on a regular basis, there’s simply no point.

There’s one thing that is missing and unless that’s back in both of your hearts, it’s never going to work.  You may be asking me what the “missing thing” I’m talking about is, and no… it’s not love. Love is vague.  It’s something more specific and vital to any long-lasting relationship and it is… RESPECT.  If you don’t respect him anymore and you still have respect for yourself, do him a favor and just break up with him gently.  I’m pretty sure that this break-up will be away easier since clearly, the both of you aren’t happy with each other’s company anymore.

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He Cheated on You and You can’t TRUST him anymore

Where there is no faith and trust, there is no love.  If you’re the type of person who doesn’t believe in 2nd chances and even after every attempt of your boyfriend to woo you back, you still prefer to just get back to square one in the world of transgender dating, it’s time to end the relationship.  Technically, it’s his fault so you shouldn’t feel guilty in any manner for choosing to end what you both have.  I’m not going to impose my beliefs in you and tell you that people do change and if you find yourself turning into a person who just punishes your partner and you keep subconsciously vilifying him for his past mistake, just let him go.

He won’t let GO

If he won’t let go and you still feel something in your heart that says “He’s the one” even after he wronged you for more than a hundred times, you’re stupid.  I don’t know why that man still keeps you even if he clearly doesn’t respect you anymore.  Maybe it’s for convenience, an image, the benefits he’s getting… I don’t know, it’s only you who will be able to honestly assess as to why he can’t seem to let go of you.  Acknowledge the truth and just… let go of the narcissist, sweetie.  There are multiple options in our transgender dating website.  Stop being the victim and know that you deserve more. Do not wait for another year to be the start of the new you.  Love yourself more…



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The first decent dating site for trans women & gentlemen
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