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5 Tips to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

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What happens when you meet the love of your life but they happen to be on the other side of the planet?  Meeting your date online would mean that there is a big possibility that you two don’t live in the same area or much worse in the same country.  So how do long-distance couples survive when most people say that it takes two times the effort to be in this kind of relationship?

Though long-distance relationships can be challenging, when you’re with the right person its challenges are definitely worth it.  And with current technology, there is always a way to make communication and spending time with each other much easier to do than in the past.  These tips are just some of the small but impactful ways to make your LDR last.

Make time for each other

First, we must consider the facts: we all have 24 hours each day and we all have times when we are incredibly busy. But, being in a long-distance relationship takes twice the effort than when you’re in a regular relationship. Time Zones can be tricky and busy schedules can make you feel ignored.

But remember that relationships need commitment and consistency to work and time is very important. So in the 24 hour window of your day, make time to say hi or hello. You don’t have to chat for hours and hours. You can even set a time in the day for when it’s convenient for you both and stick to that so you’ll have a routine. For longer periods of time that you are away from your phone, let your partner know so they won’t worry about where you are all the time. If it gives your significant other peace of mind to let them know where you are or what you are doing, it’s best to get into the habit of informing them.

Surprise each other with gifts

Even when you’re far away, one thing you can do is send each other gifts or purchase something they’ve showed you before that you can find online. It’s nice to receive something from your significant other and they’ll have something to hold or bring while you’re away from them.

You can even send them something personal to you such as a shirt with your perfume still on it or if your S.O. likes your scent, you can wear the item and send it to them after. Giving them something that’s personal to you will make them feel like you’re with them even when you are miles away from each other.

Have open and honest communication

When you feel like something is wrong or you’re uncomfortable with something, talk it out with your person. If chatting seems too impersonal, then make time for an audio or video call to talk about issues that are bothering you.

If you’re feeling jealous, insecure, down, lonely, or sad, tell your significant other. Otherwise, if you don’t tell them, your feelings will always have a way of coming out, especially with how you treat them. Also, when you’re talking with your partner about how you are feeling, let them know by starting off with saying, “I feel ignored when…” or “I feel sad when…” instead of saying, “You’re making me feel angry.” as this takes away the blame while you are acknowledging your own feelings.

Do things together

The wonders of technology make communication and many other things possible. So watching a movie together at the same time is possible through certain websites and apps. If you’re both into fitness, try training for a marathon together or keeping track of your fitness goals. It will help you motivate each other while you’re away from each other so you’ll be your best selves when you do meet up.

Dates can also be possible by walking around a park or a mall while you’re on a call. You can take pictures of where you are, what you’re doing and what you’re eating to keep your date updated just like if you were together in the same place.

Flirt and send each other sexy messages

Sexual contact is one of the aspects of intimacy in a long-distance relationship that can be challenging to address. But it isn’t impossible. Flirty messages and sending provocative content can help you build a connection with your partner. While you are away from each other, you can always send them a sexy message telling them all your ideas when you want to make love to them. The teasing can build up a lot of sexual tension so the sex can be very explosive when you meet up. Make sure to agree on a messaging platform where you are safe and before engaging in sending each other any nudity, talk about boundaries such as whether the other party is allowed to save content you send or vice versa.

It’s fun to add spice to keep the spark alive, but also keep each other safe by ensuring that you have confidentiality and that you trust each other. Secure your phone or your cloud if you have one so that the sexual content you’ve shared with your partner remains only between the two of you.

These are just some of the ways of how you can make your long distance relationship flourish and last. But always remember that the eventual goal of a long distance relationship is to be with each other in one place. So while you’re working towards that same goal with your partner, always do your best for one another.

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