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Men to avoid in Transgender Dating Sites

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Have you ever watched the movie Mean Girls?  If you did, do you remember Janice Ian’s introduction of what type of people each table in their school cafeteria represents?

Today, I’m going to use that as an inspiration to help you avoid the common types of people which you can find in Transgender Dating websites.

Please know that this guide is solely from my point of view, take it with a grain of salt.  Let’s start with…

The Novella Writer

This type of guy can be very appealing to a lot of transgender women but some, like me, see through him.  Have you ever come across a guy’s dating profile which literally entails how much of a good guy he is; the causes he supports, his philanthropy, how transgender women should be treated… and more?

Please, anyone can make those kinds of claims especially if it’s just acting like a cover letter online.  Don’t fall for this copy-pasted trap.  Moving on to the…

Frustrated Porn Star

Yes, that hot guy who just covers his penis with a Teddy bear.  The one who’s always shirtless.  There is really nothing wrong about being proud of your body but instead of it being sexy, once it’s the only theme going on in your profile, it can look comical and a bit desperate.

I see these types of profiles in transgender dating websites mostly from men who are above 50.  I’m not sure if it’s a midlife crisis thing but please don’t get me wrong, some of them are really nice but most of them are just perverts so I’ve decided to include them in my who to avoid list.

Same goes with transwomen in these sites. Chica-mija-babygirl, I mean… yes, we get it, you’re HOT.  But what are you really here for?  Are you sure that you’re looking for a genuine relationship?  Trust me, I went that route before and it’s totally not worth it.  You’ll never find one guy who will be at par with your standards if you keep attracting jerks.

The Leisure Guy

This is usually the type of guy that I used to fall for a lot. They’re usually the ones with a profile photo of them scuba diving or golfing.  Their albums are filled with photos that pronouncedly reflect their wealth.  It’s not hard to be attracted to this type of man because he has a certain swag but please, for the love of whoever your God is, this guy usually doesn’t have the time for a serious relationship.  If he does, there’s a high probability that this dude will cheat on you.  If you’re currently flirting with someone like him, I didn’t mean to burst your bubble.  You’ll know what I’m talking about soon enough.



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