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Why Transgender Women think You’re a Pervert

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Are you a guy who is genuinely looking for love on a trans dating site? Are you puzzled as to why trans women can’t seem to see your genuine feelings and often describe you as a pervert?

If you’re tired of being discounted and you want a transgender girlfriend, keep reading. Please know that this guide is informational only. It doesn’t claim guarantee to you, having a trans girlfriend. Take everything to heart but with a grain of salt.

What’s a Pervert?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a pervert is a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable. Nowadays, especially when it comes to online dating, this type of individual is often seen in a negative light.

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The majority of the global population has perverted ways. However, some are more upfront with theirs which is why they’re labeled perverts. If you want to have a serious relationship, you must in no circumstances, be regarded as one.

Things You Do

You may or may not be aware of the things you do. These things may determine how others perceive you. If you’re often called a pervert, you must examine these.

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You talk about sex TOO MUCH

Sex is the highest form of expressing love. However, too many conversations about it from the get-go could mislead your transgender date. There is a time, place, and a perfect moment to talk about it. Always remember that these do NOT include the beginning stages of both of you getting to know each other.

Added to that, if you’re overdoing sexual innuendos, she may start to think that you’re not doing playful flirtation anymore and that you’re actually just after what’s inside her panties.

Too Touchy on the First Date

A little handholding and hugging won’t hurt. But if you’re on your first date and you’re trying to fondle her breasts, thighs, waist, etc. too much, her pervert alarm will start to buzz.

She may be quite irresistible but get ahold of yourself. Respect her boundaries and don’t do overtly intimate things without her probing or asking you.

Constantly Wanting to SEE What She’s Wearing

For some reason, some guys are so adamant about seeing what someone’s wearing most especially if the conversation is through a video call. This little request can pose as a red flag to her. If it’s you’re first time seeing her live on cam, you should avoid doing this.

Asking her Lingerie Choices

This is quite offputting most especially if brought out from the get-go. This is not a common question to interject in the initial conversation. Not only will she think you’re perverted, but she’ll also think that you’re a fetishist.

What her Feet, Hands, etc. Look Like

In connection with being a fetishist, this also highly determines one’s perversion. Some trans women may be oblivious when it comes to this but most of them get what this means.

There are a lot of men who ask for body part photos in the beginning stages of the relationship. Fetishes are generally harmless but you shouldn’t unmask yourself too easily. Keep these things to yourself if you’re not yet in an intimate relationship with her.

Things You Don’t Do

Listed above are some of the things that you may often do. However, this guide doesn’t stop here as there are some things that you should be doing instead. If you don’t want her to think that you’re a one-dimensional pervert, you have to get more tricks out of your bag.

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Engage Her with Meaningful Conversations

If you don’t talk to her about stuff that actually matters to her, she will think that you’re only interested in one thing. You must have conversations about her wants, goals, dreams, ambitions, quirks, pet peeves, etc.

If you do so, she will think that you’re interested in her on a personal level. You can also talk about her family, career, friends, hobbies, interests, and more.

Be Yourself

Not in a perverted way but more of in a genuine manner. Show her that you’re comfortable with who you are around her. This will make her feel that you trust her and that you’re open to the possibilities of the relationship to prosper beyond the surface.

Romance Her without being Sexual

There’s a lot of ways to prove your love to a transgender woman. Take her out on romantic dates. Travel together and let her see the world. Help her with her endeavors.

How to be a Gentleman

Now that you know what makes up a pervert, it’s time to be the opposite. If you want to have success in trans dating, you must be the quintessential gentleman.

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  • Be respectful and don’t make her feel like she’s a sex toy.
  • Initiate conversations without being overbearing.
  • Maintain communication with her to let her feel that you’re thinking about her.
  • Open the doors for her and pull out the chair whenever you’re on dates.
  • Avoid using curse words and exhibiting angry behavior.
  • Never be rude to the people around you.
  • Arrogance is different from confidence. Be humble.
  • Don’t talk trash about other people with her.
  • Stay away from negative topics that result in arguments.
  • Treat her friends and family with respect.
  • Instead of insulting her, give out constructive criticism.
  • Apologize whenever you do something wrong.

What Transgender Women Like

Transgender women are different from each other. However, it’s helpful to know what they want in general on a man. Because most of them have been marginalized, they appreciate the genuine things that matter in life. If you truly want to be a transgender woman’s dream guy, you have to possess five characteristics.

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You have to be inclusive, respectful, kind, loyal, and most importantly… loving.

This guide is not encouraging you to change everything about yourself. After all, what makes you extra special is your authenticity. However, considering adding or tweaking some traits can maximize your chances of finding true love. There’s always no harm in improvement.

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