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Resolving Conflicts for Trans-oriented Couples

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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It’s common for romantic partners to encounter conflicts. A real relationship isn’t all about rainbows and butterflies. If someone tells you that it is, they probably just hopped on into a relationship or… single.

Today, you’re going to discover effective conflict resolution in relationships. If you are currently on a rocky road with your boo, hang on. You may find that the best solutions for your issues are quite easy to follow.

What Are Your Problems?

The easiest way to fixing a relationship is by determining your problems. You can’t just keep everything bottled up inside. Doing so will truly result in an explosion leading to a breakup. If you love your partner, you must do everything in your power to keep them with you.


This probably makes the top of the list when it comes to relationship breakers. Even if a third party, cheating, and thoughts of being infidel don’t exist, jealousy still finds a way to worm its way into the lives of happy couples. The best conflict resolution for couples experiencing jealousy is knowing where it’s coming from. Is it induced by the other person or the jealous person themself?

sad couple

Stop complimenting other people. Don’t flirt with other people. Never open yourself up to a situation where you’re being seduced. Don’t do things that could incite the other’s jealousy. These may be hard to do but you have to know that people don’t easily change.

Now, if the other person still gets jealous, they have to sort out their insecurity. One can only do so much and you have to be open to the idea of an intervention. If you want to save this relationship, you have to talk about this with your partner.

Lack Of Time

This can be quite hard if you’re living oceans away from your partner. However, if you live close to them and still can’t find a way to meet, you have to get to the bottom of things.

The first question that you have to answer is why one of you is too busy to have time for the other. If the activities that the busy one can be adjusted, why not try to open up for little tweaks?

an hourglass

Yes, people need to do things that they are passionate about in order to live a meaningful life. But it’s not an excuse to neglect someone else who has thoughts and feelings.

What this calls for is proper Time Management. The perfect conflict resolution in relationships that are dealing with this is a conversation packed with scheduling topics.


Obviously, someone is to blame for this matter. If infidelity only happened once, there are chances that things would change. However, if your partner has cheated on you with multiple individuals, it’s time to go.

two guys and a girl

The best conflict resolution for couples encountering cheating is CLARIFICATION. Whoever got cheated on must clarify to their partners that if they cheat again, they will leave. The next best resolution is if the cheater does repeat their mistake is to never consider getting back together… EVER!


This often happens when the voice tones rise or when the words are not well-thought-out. Miscommunication is very common in long-distance relationships and for two people who grew up with differing cultures. Apart from those, the language barrier can also be a determining factor.

angry guy

If this happens, just remember to always have arguments in a cool, calm, and collected manner. Don’t fuel the fire. By doing so, even if you have opposing views, you won’t get into a heated fight.


One can easily lose trust in someone inconsistent. This loss can quickly translate into insecurity, then jealousy. Inconsistency opens many avenues to a myriad of problems. This must not happen often in relationships.

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To solve this, one must not always keep making promises. Expectations must also be feasible. If both are followed, the birth of inconsistencies will happen less.

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How To Resolve Them in General

If none of the above applies to your relationship, below’s an easy three-step guide to ensure a strong relationship. Please remember that this serves only as a manual. What may or may not happen in your relationship entirely depends on the two of you.

Proper Communication

This is probably the most effective conflict resolution in relationships. It’s also why the phrase “Communication is Key” is highly popular and almost applies in every situation.

a guy and a girl are laughing

You see, if you have proper communication with your partner, there will be fewer arguments. There’s no room for interpretation and insecurity will not foster. Jealousy will not be an issue because your partner knows how much you love them.

So if ever you are in a relationship, always put proper communication on a pedestal. You’ll see how many wonders it could bring to your union.


Next to proper communication is the power of compromise. If both of you or only one of you does this, the relationship is doomed to fail. Yes, it’s nice to think that soulmates exist because they do. However, don’t confuse soulmates with a partnership that does not encounter conflicts.

two hands hold each other

If the relationship stands the test of time, this only means that they both know how to compromise. This is not a one-way street. It should be done by both parties.

If you come to think of it… if only the other is truly happy, would you call it a real relationship? Furthermore, would you be entering this kind of situation?


The third step after following the two is the promise. However, be very sure that both of you can keep your promises. If not, you’re on your way to a dead-end street.

two hands hold each other

Broken promises are like incurable conditions. They may be treated but they will always find their way back in to destroy your union.

Did you stumble upon here because you just recently broke up with your partner? If so, take some time to heal as you deserve it.

However, if you’re single and are here by accident, why not start making a My Transsexual Date account today?

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