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How to Physically Transition as a Transgender Woman

If you’ve stumbled upon this guide, you’re highly likely looking for advice. Before moving forward, please remember that this was not created to encourage anyone into transition. This was made for trans women who need help in physically transitioning.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many trans women undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It’s a therapy that helps soften or feminize one’s features. It does a lot of wonders for the body. However, the most important benefit that trans women want from it is the enlargement of breasts.

hormone pills

What HRT does to a Trans Woman:

  • Body fat redistribution (fat in places helping to achieve a more womanly shape)
  • Breast tissue accumulation or enlargement of breasts
  • Softer and smoother skin
  • More collagen on the face giving it a more supple feel and look
  • Lessened hollow facial features
  • Slower body hair growth
  • Makes muscles less obvious and stunts muscle growth
  • A decrease in libido and more

Please remember that not all the effects of HRT are positive. Some of them include mood swings, a decrease in productivity, and lesser physical strength. Because these medications are a cocktail of estrogen and anti-androgen, you’ll feel drastic effects.

Estrogen helps in feminizing the features while anti-androgens help in decreasing masculine features. The way to properly administer these medications is in two ways.


Not a lot of countries have doctors specializing in HRT. This is why plenty of trans women, most especially in Southeast Asia, resort to self-medication. While doing so is not entirely bad, one must accept the risks before undergoing it.

There are many general guidelines on what medication to take online. However, not everyone has the same body composition. Not because another person can take the said dosage and drug means that you’re going to get the same effects.

To lessen the dangers and adverse effects, you must only take the HRT medications in minimal doses. Furthermore, please do not use birth control pills as means to transition. Wrongly taking these can damage your liver very quickly.

Help From Doctors

If your government has trans healthcare and you can get assistance, it’s the best way to medically transition. Most transgender women go to endocrinologists to get their estradiol serum levels tested. From their assessment, your doctor will be giving you the correct dosage to ensure that your levels are in the same range as cisgender women.

If you go to a specialist, you’ll be confident that you won’t encounter serious adverse effects. This is the safest approach in doing HRT. Should your government not offer assistance and you can afford it on your own, still do so. Remember, there’s no price for good health.


While HRT can help a lot in terms of looks, emotions, and overall feminization, some trans women are still dissatisfied. Undergoing HRT does not guarantee one that they will look exactly how they want to. It’s very rare for a transwoman to get more than a cup B size of breasts from taking hormonal medication alone.

a surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery

While HRT can feminize features, it cannot shift bone structure. Many transgender women undergo this kind of surgery to give them a more feminine look. The common procedures in a facial feminization surgery are as follows:

  • Rhinoplasty or Nose Job
  • Forehead Reduction Surgery
  • Brow Bone Reduction
  • Lip enhancement with dermal fillers
  • Cheekbones and cheek contouring
  • Jaw reduction and buccal fat removal and more

Breast Augmentation Surgery

The breasts are a prominent secondary sex characteristic of females. Because of this, many transgender women want to get bigger breasts. While hormones can help one grow breast tissue, the growth usually stunts below a B cup. To combat this hindrance, many undergo breast augmentation surgery.

If you go to a cosmetic surgeon to get an assessment, they will usually recommend a breast size depending on your height and weight. They know best about what would look proportional to your body. However, you can go the extra mile and have bigger ones than the recommendations, granted that you have enough breast tissue to accommodate a larger implant.

Body Contouring

Naturally, most cisgender women have a noticeably smaller hip to waist ratio. Because of this, many transgender women do body contouring to be highly passable.

Currently, the safest method to contour one’s body is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery. What it entails is that they will suck the fat from certain areas of your body and place them in areas such as the hips and butt.

Others get their bottoms injected with silicone oil illegally. Doing so is relatively cheaper but the after-effects are quite dangerous. Some people don’t have enough fat for a BBL and they go for the butt augmentation route instead. The procedure is quite safe but can look unnatural.


This is also called sex reassignment surgery (SRS) or gender reaffirming surgery (GRS). Many trans women are not comfortable with the genitalia they’re born with. They’ll only feel confident and truly enjoy sex using what’s between their legs after having SRS.

Some do it to feel like a complete woman while some, do it out of impulse. The latter is why many trans women regret their decision after many years. Before getting an SRS, be very sure to accept the fact that it’s irreversible and get a medical assessment.

Should I Physically Transition?

feminine guy


If looking masculine is eating you up and you want to express yourself in a more feminine way, do so. Should you feel gratified once you do and you feel like your looks helped a lot in affirming your mentality, you’re on the right track.

Why Not

You don’t have to change how you look if you feel like a woman. What’s between your legs or how long your hair is has nothing to do with your gender. You may also do some research if you’re at the stage whereby you’re having trouble classifying your gender identity.

The bottom line is, you own your body. Do whatever you want with it. By doing so, you will have no regrets in the future. Just be careful and take precautions.

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