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5 Tips to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

What happens when you meet the love of your life but they happen to be on the other side of the planet?  Meeting your date online would mean that there is a big possibility that you two don’t live in the same area or much worse in the same country.  So how do long-distance couples […]

5 reasons why independent trans women are the best partners

A common misconception about dating independent transgender women is that they are intimidating to date.  On the contrary, the best kind of woman is one that exudes confidence and knows what she wants for herself.  Dating an independent transgender woman is an exciting and amazing experience and I have listed down 5 reasons why independent […]

5 Dating Myths For Plus-Sized Women – Debunked!

“What if he thinks I’m too fat? Or what if he thinks I look better in pictures than I do in real life?” These were questions I was asking myself before heading out on my first date with someone I met online. If you’ve been asking yourself these questions too, then honey, you’re in the […]

5 signs that show he's into you

So you found this guy through an online dating site and go on your first date with him.  By the end of the night, you’re sure that he’s up for a second date.  But he doesn’t end up calling you and you wonder why.  Did you say anything wrong? Was he really that into you? […]