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Your Boyfriend Plans on Introducing You to his Family

Finding love on a transgender dating site is hard enough. It’s even made harder when the relationship gets to the next level. The reason being is because even if people are more inclusive nowadays, a trans woman’s boyfriend of today may still have very traditional parents. Please remember that this article was not created to […]

The Importance of Transgender Parent Day

There are so many reasons to be proud as a transgender individual. And of these is the pride of being a transgender parent. Today, we’re going to discuss the significance, history, and fundamentals of the Transgender Parent Day. You don’t have to have children to celebrate this as you can pay homage to the selfless […]

When To Give Up in Pursuing Someone Online

Many things are achieved in life through determination and perseverance. However, when it comes to the talks of romance, one must know when to give up. This is especially true if the odds have not been in your favor for quite a long time. Patience is a virtue but patiently waiting for something you know […]

The First Transgender Barbie and More

As time goes on and newer generations become more accepting of diverse gender identities, transgender individuals are able to take bigger strides. Today, we’re going to discuss how Mattel, a company that caters to billions of children around the world, cultivated yet another life-changing impact on the toy culture. We’re also going to share with […]

Most wonderful Transgender Models

Modeling used to be an industry whereby transgender people weren’t given the opportunity to tread—or walk. Well, after all, when modeling is mentioned, runway comes into mind. But we digress. Today, we’re not going to be talking about the oppression and exclusivity of the best. We’ve created this guide to celebrate the most wonderful transgender […]

Top Discriminatory Scenarios that Trans Women Face

Discrimination will continue to persist until the whole mainstream media and influencers stop creating twisted ideas of what’s acceptable or not. Added to that, parents who are still living based on archaic ideologies will continue planting seeds of hatred toward people who are different. A lot of people don’t empathize with marginalized individuals simply because […]

How to deal with First-timers in Transgender Dating Sites

We’ve all been novices in the world of dating. Some have experienced great love, great heartbreaks, and have met their soulmates. Without making the first step towards something that’s seemingly just a dream, we will never get to where we want to be. The same applies to men who are first-timers in trans dating sites. […]

Know these Transgender Rights in the Workplace

Every human being has rights. No conditions of bases including gender, color, race, size, etc., should exist. Today, we’re going to be discussing individuals who are transgender in the workplace and the specific conundrums that they unwillingly go through just to put food on the table. Yes, it’s unfair but transgender discrimination in workplaces is […]