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The Beautiful Voice and Life of Shea Diamond

Shea Diamond is a true inspiration, both as a musician and an advocate for social justice. With her powerful voice and magnetic personality, she captivates audiences around the world, touching hearts and driving change. In this guide, we’ll dive into the life and work of Shea Diamond, exploring her unique story, her incredible musical talent, […]

Andrea Jenkins, a Transgender Trailblazer

Andrea Jenkins is a name that resonates with those who are passionate about LGBTQ+ rights, social justice, and equality. She is a trailblazer who has dedicated her life to making a difference in the world, fighting for the rights of marginalized communities, and using her platform to uplift those who are often silenced. She is […]

9 Boundaries Transgender Women Must Have while Dating Online

Calling all remarkable transgender women searching for their soulmate! In the digital realm of online dating, it’s crucial to establish boundaries that safeguard your emotions, identity, and quest for a meaningful connection. As you navigate this journey, it’s essential to set clear expectations and communicate your needs openly. In this guide, we’ll explore nine vital […]

The Life of Carla Antonelli

Transgender women are increasingly making waves around the world, breaking down barriers and fighting for equality and acceptance. Among these trailblazers is Carla Antonelli, a transgender activist, actress, and politician from Spain. Her tireless work and dedication to the cause of transgender rights has earned her international recognition and made her one of the most […]

Transgender Artists Shaking The Art World

Art comes in many shapes and forms. It can be consumed through movies, books, music, paintings, and more. However, we’ve created this list to specifically introduce transgender artists who are more inclined outside of the entertainment industry and into the world of art. These artists are not inhibited as they share their message and expressions […]

The Scandalous and Brave Mary Jones

There are many iconic transgender people in the modern era but this iconicity traces back further to the 1800s. Yes, where social media wasn’t alive and the term transgender didn’t exist. The word transgender was coined not until the year 1965. Today, you’re going to discover the life of Mary Jones, one of the most […]

Is Your Online Relationship Fake Love

Looking for love online sounds exciting. But if you’re not careful, you could end up getting your heart broken. Some, even have it so bad that it can affect their savings account. 1. They don’t respect your time Have you ever met someone online and it seems like you’re the only one adjusting? Do they make […]