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How Euphoria characters can help with Transgender Dating

The pandemic has truly pushed many producers in the film industry to push boundaries. The storytelling and the plots of recent releases in the entertainment industry have been very thought-provoking and riveting. Today, we’re going to talk about one of 2022’s most successful TV series, Euphoria. A tale about high school students navigating love and […]

10 Things To Never Compromise as a Trans Woman

Dating shouldn’t be complicated because after all, it’s participated by people who are looking for love. However, it’s not always the case. Many use dating for their selfish ulterior motives which result in many heartbroken transgender women. If you don’t want to be one of these victims, it’s smart to know what you should never […]

TikTok Transgender Women Worth Following

One of the factors that propelled TikTok the most was the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it’s a fun and interactive app that anyone can utilize from home, many people have joined its bandwagon. From dances, storytelling, memes, informational videos, short teasers, transitions, lip syncs, etc., any type of content is easily consumable in this mega-hyped app. […]

Stop Mentioning These Stereotypes to Trans Woman

Are you new to the world of trans dating and you’re into trans women? Before entering this world, you must know what and what you must avoid doing should you meet the girl of your dreams and end up repelling her because you don’t know the basics. Today, you’re going to learn about what you […]

Do Transgender Women get Periods?

Menstruation is a common occurrence in cisgender women. People commonly associate periods with having a vagina. Nowadays, transgender women have access to gender reassignment surgery. And many people are curious whether red days come along with a trans woman’s neovagina. But before we proceed in answering this question, let’s first discuss what exactly menstruation is […]

Top 9 Conversation Starters

Nothing is as dull as dealing with someone who doesn’t know how to carry a conversation. This is why a lot of men get rejected right off the bat. If you want better chances of winning the trans woman of your dreams, you must learn how to keep up. Today, you’re going to learn many […]

Inspirational Transgender Youtubers You Should Subscribe To

Transgender individuals have been getting a lot of media attention for the past 3 years. But in social media, their names are exploding like wildfire. Even more so in the popular video streaming app website YouTube whereby hundreds of millions of people are subscribed to the new breed of influencers. If you love consuming content […]

Geah and Claus: A My Transgender Date Love Story

In a pandemic life where hope is fleeting, status and money are irrelevant, and gold doesn’t have value, love is what holds the most power. With love comes inspiration and drive. Today, to add fuel to your fire, we’ve decided to share with you the beautiful love story of Geah and Claus. Two souls from […]

Should You Say YES To A Relationship Online?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, dating suffered from lower chances of meeting in person. The travel restrictions have made it almost impossible to enter or cultivate a new relationship. This is why many people are left with no other option but to begin a relationship online. However, if you’re serious about your quest in finding […]

Is It Smart To Fall In Love Online?

In these modern times, many people still revere love. This is why it’s not uncommon to come across someone who will be devoted when it comes to the talks of relationships. However, in today’s setting of getting to know people, online dating is omnipresent. Because of the travel restrictions, many people resort to building relationships […]