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The Importance of Transgender Parent Day

There are so many reasons to be proud as a transgender individual. And of these is the pride of being a transgender parent. Today, we’re going to discuss the significance, history, and fundamentals of the Transgender Parent Day. You don’t have to have children to celebrate this as you can pay homage to the selfless […]

The First Transgender Barbie and More

As time goes on and newer generations become more accepting of diverse gender identities, transgender individuals are able to take bigger strides. Today, we’re going to discuss how Mattel, a company that caters to billions of children around the world, cultivated yet another life-changing impact on the toy culture. We’re also going to share with […]

Most wonderful Transgender Models

Modeling used to be an industry whereby transgender people weren’t given the opportunity to tread—or walk. Well, after all, when modeling is mentioned, runway comes into mind. But we digress. Today, we’re not going to be talking about the oppression and exclusivity of the best. We’ve created this guide to celebrate the most wonderful transgender […]

Know these Transgender Rights in the Workplace

Every human being has rights. No conditions of bases including gender, color, race, size, etc., should exist. Today, we’re going to be discussing individuals who are transgender in the workplace and the specific conundrums that they unwillingly go through just to put food on the table. Yes, it’s unfair but transgender discrimination in workplaces is […]

Transgender Scientists Everyone Should Know

While there are trans individuals who are in the movement to provide transgender individuals equality, there are other trans individuals who are more focused on the field of science and getting recognized for the amazing work that they’re doing. Not because these names aren’t prominent in politics or social issues means that they are not […]

Does Facebook have anti-trans biases?

Like many love stories, the beginning of the relationship between Facebook and My Transgender Date was great. But many great love stories that start out right can also end in disaster. And this is the case for us with Facebook. It might not sound like a big deal. But does this whole Facebook issue only […]

Transgender Twitch Streamers you should Subscribe

Twitch is one of the most entertaining platforms on the internet. It’s a place where some people share their gaming activity through video streaming where they can get a loyal following and viewers. With an average of 30 million users a day, it’s a great way to be seen and become a celebrity. Today, we’re […]

The Colorful World of the Transgender Umbrella

The LGBTQIA community comprises many spectrums. But amidst the abundance of variety, each spectrum can further be expanded, making the rainbow truly colorful. Today, we’re going to inform you about the transgender umbrella. Please don’t think that this is yet another “buzzword of the day”. You’ll be surprised by how diverse the trans umbrella is. […]

AFAB and AMAB – A Brief Gender Study

In today’s woke culture, buzzwords are saturated and they can get really confusing. But it doesn’t mean that one should not make an effort to at least understand their meaning before dismissing them. After all, knowing the meaning behind these semantics are not only helpful in enriching one’s vocabulary. Having knowledge about these words aid […]

The Happiness brought upon by Gender Euphoria

Many studies talk about how gender dysphoria causes transgenderism. But today, we’ll be discussing something that has not so much stemmed from scientific studies, but a feeling that many individuals from the trans society share, gender euphoria. Before we get to the nitty-gritty of the gender euphoria definition, understanding what dysphoria and euphoria mean will […]