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World’s first FIFA-recognized transgender football player

In light of the heightened excitement at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil which still draws up multitudes of crowds from all parts of the globe, the LGBT community recently celebrated the recognition of the first ever professional transgender football player to grace the World Cup qualifiers in the course of its colorful history. In […]

17 Malaysian transsexual women put in prison for “cross-dressing”

Now here’s news that will have you all perked up better than a cup of Malaysian coffee! Last month, a group of transsexual women in Malaysia were arrested at a wedding ceremony in a residence at Felda Lui Timur, Negeri Sembilan. The alleged crime they were arrested for? Section 66 of the Negeri Sembilan Syariah […]

Transsexual woman Geena Rocero comes home to Philippines

Geena Rocero is a Filipino Transgender woman who had the chance to talk on TED, a talk that marked a beginning of a global change towards accepting transgender women. And now she comes back to Philippines for so many reasons, recently  she attended the global celebration of IDAHOT (International day against homophobia and transphobia). Her […]

Banned from a lesbian dating site because she was transsexual

So the news is not new (end of 2012) but I just came across this article, and I found it pretty demonstrative of the attitude of the general public towards trans people (and that dating sites for LGBTs are not even run by people who understand LGBTs). Original article can be found here (it’s in […]