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How to NOT be a Single Transgender Woman

Have you been a member of a trans dating site for a reasonable amount of time but you’re still a single transgender woman? Don’t worry, I’ve been single for 7 years and I’m going to share with you how I was able to break the curse. I’m assuming that you’re looking for a partner because […]

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How to Make your Dating Profile more Welcoming to Trans Women

Creating a welcoming space in the world of online transgender dating is crucial, especially for transgender women who often navigate challenging dating landscapes. Your dating profile is your first opportunity to show you’re someone who values inclusivity, respect, and genuine connections. Here’s a guide to making your profile a warm, inviting place for transgender women. […]

10 Ways to Deal with Men Experimenting on Transgender Women

Are you tired of embarking on relationships with men who see you as nothing more than an experiment? Fed up with the disappointment that comes with investing time and energy into connections that ultimately leave you feeling used and misunderstood? It’s time to reclaim your worth and find someone who sees the remarkable person you […]

9 Boundaries Transgender Women Must Have while Dating Online

Calling all remarkable transgender women searching for their soulmate! In the digital realm of online dating, it’s crucial to establish boundaries that safeguard your emotions, identity, and quest for a meaningful connection. As you navigate this journey, it’s essential to set clear expectations and communicate your needs openly. In this guide, we’ll explore nine vital […]

Is Your Online Relationship Fake Love

Looking for love online sounds exciting. But if you’re not careful, you could end up getting your heart broken. Some, even have it so bad that it can affect their savings account. 1. They don’t respect your time Have you ever met someone online and it seems like you’re the only one adjusting? Do they make […]

Online Dating Etiquette for Trans Women

True love and being real are cool and all, but if you want success in your romantic life, some strategies must be applied. This is also true in all aspects of life. So if you’re serious about finding the one, keep reading. 1. Avoid too revealing photos There’s nothing wrong with the notion “If you […]