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Category: Love and Relationships

Why Is Your LDR Failing?

Many people have been in a long-distance relationship for years. However, some of them have been forced to be in one because of the COVID-19 pandemic which broke out in 2020. If you are one of them and you’re pretty new to this type of setup, keep reading. Please know that this guide was created […]

How To Be Less Intimidating

Are you a trans woman who always gets comments like you’re intimidating? This may pertain to many areas of your life. Some may feel that you’re too attractive. Others may think it’s your posture or the way you communicate. While others just get this vibe from you because of the topics you often talk about […]

Improving Conversations With Your Partner

Are you in a relationship, whether a long-distance, online, or offline one? Do you often find yourself arguing with your significant other? If so, it only means that both of you are not communicating well. Yes, constant arguments without anyone dropping the other proves that the two of you like each other. But that’s not […]

How empathy helps in dating transgender women

Many strategies in transgender dating websites involve a lot of the physical aspects of dating. However, when it comes to looking for a lifetime partner, these strategies are not something that you should focus on. If you’re looking for your soulmate and you’re willing to make some adjustments, you’re on the right track. What transgender […]

The Unconditional Love That Trans Women Need

No matter which stage you are in the world of trans dating, it’s never too late to know how to determine what type of unconditional love trans women needs. This will be your leverage in making them feel that you are genuine and that you’re not after them because of a certain fetish or to […]

Your Boyfriend Plans on Introducing You to his Family

Finding love on a transgender dating site is hard enough. It’s even made harder when the relationship gets to the next level. The reason being is because even if people are more inclusive nowadays, a trans woman’s boyfriend of today may still have very traditional parents. Please remember that this article was not created to […]

When To Give Up in Pursuing Someone Online

Many things are achieved in life through determination and perseverance. However, when it comes to the talks of romance, one must know when to give up. This is especially true if the odds have not been in your favor for quite a long time. Patience is a virtue but patiently waiting for something you know […]

Top Discriminatory Scenarios that Trans Women Face

Discrimination will continue to persist until the whole mainstream media and influencers stop creating twisted ideas of what’s acceptable or not. Added to that, parents who are still living based on archaic ideologies will continue planting seeds of hatred toward people who are different. A lot of people don’t empathize with marginalized individuals simply because […]