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“My Transsexual Date” becomes “My Transgender Date”

In 2021 we decided to rename My Transsexual Date into My Transgender Date. Why the change? Let me explain everything. A little bit of history We initially launched our dating site in 2013, under the name My Ladyboy Date. As the name implies, it focused on Asia. In 2014 we launched a second website – […]

The World’s Famous Transgender People

No matter how discriminatory the world’s climate is against transgender people, they still push through and flourish. Beyond the stereotypes, underestimation, and negativity that surrounds transgender individuals, there’s light. Today, you’ll be introduced to a lot of famous transgender people.

The Beginner Trans Ally Guide

Everyone has experienced being a neophyte and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being one. Just your desire to be a trans ally alone is already a success and warrants a celebration. However, if you truly want to embody an ally and be more purposeful to transgender people, keep reading. This guide wasn’t created to attack […]

How to NOT be a Single Transgender Woman

Have you been a member of a trans dating site for a reasonable amount of time but you’re still a single transgender woman? Don’t worry, I’ve been single for 7 years and I’m going to share with you how I was able to break the curse. I’m assuming that you’re looking for a partner because […]

Planning a Transgender Wedding

Getting married is a common dream for most women whether they’re transgender or not. There are many types of weddings but today, we’re going to focus on how to plan a transgender wedding as a trans woman. Please know that this guide was not created to divide individuals of different genders and sexual orientations. This […]

Top Makeup Tips For Trans Women By Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac is a makeup brand that caters to all makeup wearers. It began with a safe space studio in which trans women could have one-to-one makeup lessons with Jecca Blac’s Founder, Jessica Blackler. After realising that the beauty world was not considering the needs of trans women and those transitioning, Jessica launched Jecca Blac […]

The International Pronouns Day

Once again, the International Pronouns Day is upon us. If this is something new to you, stick around because in this guide, you will be informed about everything that encompasses this empowering and inclusive day. Whether you’re part of the LGTBQ+ community or not, it’s important for you to know why this day is celebrated.