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Openly Transgender Characters in Video Games

In recent years, the representation of diverse characters in video games has become a hot topic of discussion. One group of individuals that has been historically underrepresented and often misrepresented in media are transgender individuals. However, the gaming industry has made strides in recent years to create more inclusive and diverse characters, and this includes […]

Transgender MMA Fighters – Get to Know Them

Sports and transgenderism together have cultivated heaps of discussions and discourses. In this article, we’re not going to talk about those issues. We’ve created this to introduce you to transgender MMA fighters and their career achievements. What is MMA? MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. Other people refer to it as cage fighting, ultimate fighting, […]

Add these Genderqueer and Transgender Comics to your Shelves

Not everyone loves reading books and one great way to exercise one’s literacy is through comics. Notwithstanding the availability of genderqueer and transgender content on mainstream and social media. These types of content take a while to produce. If you want regular fresh information or entertainment that’s genderqueer, trans-oriented and transgender comic books are the […]

Transgender Artists Shaking The Art World

Art comes in many shapes and forms. It can be consumed through movies, books, music, paintings, and more. However, we’ve created this list to specifically introduce transgender artists who are more inclined outside of the entertainment industry and into the world of art. These artists are not inhibited as they share their message and expressions […]

Transgender Songs To Listen To

We’ve created a list of transgender singers but today, we’re going to be discussing songs about transgender individuals. The best songs are often the ones that can evoke a person’s emotions. Too many songs about love and heartbreak are always at the top of the charts for that very reason. However, when it comes to […]

Most wonderful Transgender Models

Modeling used to be an industry whereby transgender people weren’t given the opportunity to tread—or walk. Well, after all, when modeling is mentioned, runway comes into mind. But we digress. Today, we’re not going to be talking about the oppression and exclusivity of the best. We’ve created this guide to celebrate the most wonderful transgender […]

Transgender Scientists Everyone Should Know

While there are trans individuals who are in the movement to provide transgender individuals equality, there are other trans individuals who are more focused on the field of science and getting recognized for the amazing work that they’re doing. Not because these names aren’t prominent in politics or social issues means that they are not […]

Follow these Transgender Twitter profiles

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms available on the internet. The instant publishing of content and the severity of how people use it are enough reasons as to why many trans influencers have Twitter accounts. We’ve gathered Twitter transgender profiles that you should follow today. Please know that this list isn’t final. […]

Transgender Activists Worth Knowing

For any bills and laws to be passed, the necessity must be established. However, sometimes, even in the most obvious factors such as human rights, people still have to fight to be heard. It’s not easy changing archaic laws that have been alive since time immemorable. One of the biggest ongoing battles is that of […]

Follow these Transgender Women on Instagram

There’s no doubt that transgender women are taking over the world by storm. And one of the domains that they flourish in is Instagram. If you’ve been searching for transgender Instagram profiles, you should keep reading. Please know that this was not created to say that the trans Instagram profiles we’ll be sharing are the […]