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Top Trans Actors You Should Know About

Transgender representation in mainstream media has always been problematic, especially since the most common tropes that have been made popular often portray transpeople – and especially transwomen – in a negative light. But there are exceptions to this depressing trope. Some might surprise you, and others you may already know. Late 2018 to 2019 was […]

The World’s Famous Transgender People

No matter how discriminatory the world’s climate is against transgender people, they still push through and flourish. Beyond the stereotypes, underestimation, and negativity that surrounds transgender individuals, there’s light. Today, you’ll be introduced to a lot of famous transgender people.

Transgender Sports and the Athletes

Since time immemorial, sports have been part of the global culture. Most people participate in sports as a hobby while some, for professional reasons. In most sporting activities, competition exists. Along with this competition are winners, runner-ups, and various placements.

Transgender Books to Read

Are you in a literary mood but your interest in transgenderism is also prevalent? Why not mix both and read transgender books? Today, you’re going to be provided with a list of great books concerning transgender people, be it fiction or non-fiction. Most of the books that are in here are easily found on Amazon […]

Top Five Transgender Anime Characters from the ‘90s

Growing up transgender in the late 80s to late 90s, it was quite difficult to find the right kind of positive media representation that made one proud, or at least comfortable about being trans. In a world saturated with Western media, trans-representation can be a rare thing.

Top transgender movies to watch

I’m not an expert when it comes to critiquing movies. I often write about trans dating. However, I’m going to share with you some transgender movies that feature trans people and why you should watch them. Let it be known that you can watch whatever genre of movie you like and I’m not trying to […]