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Follow these Transgender Women on Instagram

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There’s no doubt that transgender women are taking over the world by storm. And one of the domains that they flourish in is Instagram. If you’ve been searching for transgender Instagram profiles, you should keep reading.

Please know that this was not created to say that the trans Instagram profiles we’ll be sharing are the only ones worth following. We update this list from time to time so if we fail to include your favorite influencer, feel free to write their handles in the comments section below.

Laverne Cox

She’s one of the hottest trans actresses in Hollywood. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as to why she’s first on the list because she’s been appearing on hit after hit TV shows with her latest achievement of being one of the main casts in the phenomenal Netflix TV series Inventing Anna.

Laverne Cox
Instagram – @lavernecox

The reason why we’re encouraging you to follow her is that not only is she beautiful, successful, and popular, but she’s adamant about using her voice in sharing trans people’s woes with the world.

Her success isn’t only fueled by her own interests. She’s sharing her platform to uplift the image of trans people, especially trans youth. We recommend following her if you’re someone who’s passionate about making your dreams come true. Ler Laverne serve as your daily inspiration and remind you that in this life, nothing is impossible.

Currently, she has over 5 million followers. Her profile hashtag is #TransIsBeautiful and her username is @lavernecox

Gigi Gorgeous

She’s one of the pioneer transgender social media influencers. Before becoming a transgender IG influencer, she was highly popular on youtube. She used to make a lot of makeup tutorials and perfume review videos. Basically, this babe was all about beauty.

Gigi Gorgeous
Instagram – @gigigorgeous

However, apart from giving stunning visuals, she also shares a lot about her love life. It seems like she’s in a very healthy relationship with her spouse, Nats Getty, and we’re recommending you follow her if you’re wanting to get married someday.

Although her accounts are not solely about relationships, you’ll still learn a thing or two from her random posts about her married life. You may follow Gigi through her Instagram handle @gigigorgeous

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Janet Mock

Are you looking for a #BossBabe to inspire you? How about hitting the follow button on Janet Mock’s Instagram? She’s not only all about the high life, this socialite has worked very hard to be where she is today.

Janet Mock
Instagram – @janetmock

Writer, director, best-selling author, producer, CEO, and trustee at the Brooklyn Museum. These are just some of the many titles that this lady possesses. Apart from her appearances, she posts a lot about art, fashion, and #BlackLivesMatter on her feed.

Should you want to know more about her and not only glimpses of her life via @janetmock on Instagram, but you may also read her bestselling books Redefining Realness and Surpassing Certainty.

Nicole Maines

Who wouldn’t know about the breakout star of the DC Comics universe Nicole Maines? She played the first openly transgender superhero on TV, Nia Nal AKA Dreamer on Supergirl.

Nicole Maines
Instagram – @nicoleamaines

She’s having the time of her life, playing iconic roles in the film industry. What’s amazing about her is not only is her role as a superhero present in fiction. She’s translating her powers into the real world by spreading the message of trans visibility.

Her account is still growing, at over 300k followers. Don’t forget to be part of making it more than a million by following @nicoeamaines.

Dominique Jackson

Some people regard her as stealing the show (Pose) because her presence is too iconic. And we cannot deny the fact that she’s truly a showstopper, hence, we’re recommending her to you.

She’s not only a gorgeous glamazon, but she’s also a model and one of the most iconic actresses of our time. When she played the role of Elektra in FX’s hit TV series Pose, opportunities flooded her way.

Miss Jackson is not only passionate about her craft in the film industry, but she’s also present in many transgender events, celebrations, and discussions. There’s also a rumor that she’s going to play Storm in the next Marvel movie so if you want the tea about it, follow her on Instagram via @dominiquet.a.r.jackson

Teddy Quinlivan

Are you the type of person who’s into high fashion? If you’re a transgender woman aspiring to be a model and you’re not following @teddy_quinlivan, you’re missing out!

Teddy Quinlivan
Instagram – @teddy_quinlivan

She’s not only a model, she’s a TOP MODEL. She has walked for Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and more! They say that models don’t work hard and are only getting ahead in life by using their looks. But that’s not the case.

Many people are blessed with physical beauty but don’t know how to work it like a pro. It’s time to strut your stuff and conquer the runway with the help of your supermodel mentor (even only via Instagram).

Oh, we almost forgot to mention, she’s also a superfan of the series S*x and the City. That alone screams that she’s our gal!

Sarah McBride

Wanting to make a change is good. But doing something about it is even better. Sarah McBride, the first openly trans senator in the USA, is using her position and power to make the lives of trans people better.

Sarah McBride
Instagram – @sarahemcbride

If you’re part of the trans community, you should definitely follow her via @sarahebcbride

Her account is always updated with the laws, bills, and anything that has to do with making the USA a more inclusive country. If you want to help make a change, you should provide support to the people who are positioned strategically in making it happen.

Furthermore, you may also send her account a message about your suggestions, woes, and your struggles as a trans person.

Kim Petras

For music lovers and trans individuals dreaming of working in the music industry, follow Kim Petras. She’s the first openly transgender individual who achieved a Top 1 Hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 with her song with Sam Smith titled Body Shop.

Instagram – @kimpetras

She’s setting the tone of the new generation’s music along with other artists. Following her will give you inspiration on what kind of music people of today are listening to.

Moreover, she’s also into fashion. You can follow her via @kimpetras

Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip

Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip is a prominent figure known for her impactful role as a business leader, transgender rights advocate, and public personality. Her journey and achievements provide a multifaceted view of her influence and the reasons why she is an inspirational figure, particularly for individuals on Instagram and beyond.

Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip
Facebook – @annejkn.official

She is the CEO and a major shareholder of JKN Global Group, a leading content management and distribution company in Thailand. Her leadership in the business world is notable not only for her success in a competitive industry but also for breaking barriers as a transgender woman in a high-profile corporate role.

As a transgender woman, Jakrajutatip has been a vocal advocate for transgender rights and visibility. Her public presence and outspoken nature bring much-needed awareness and dialogue regarding transgender issues, both in Thailand and internationally.

Moreover, she is the current owner of the biggest beauty pageant in the world, Miss Universe—where transgender women are also allowed to compete—further helping spread awareness, visibility, and inclusivity for trans women around the world.

Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne is a renowned American actress and performance artist, celebrated for being one of the first openly transgender actresses in Hollywood. Her trailblazing journey in the entertainment industry has not only paved the way for greater transgender representation in media but also showcased her immense talent and resilience.

Candis Cayne
Instagram – @candiscayne

Cayne’s rise to prominence, especially through her groundbreaking role in the TV series “Dirty Sexy Money,” marked a significant moment in television history, as she became one of the first transgender actresses to play a recurring transgender character on primetime television.

Following her on Instagram offers a unique insight into the life of a pioneering transgender celebrity. Her account is a vibrant mix of personal life snapshots, professional updates, and advocacy for transgender rights.

Through her posts, she provides a glimpse into the realities and triumphs of a transgender individual in the public eye, offering inspiration and hope to many in the LGBTQIA+ community. Her Instagram feed is not just about her accomplishments; it’s a platform where she actively engages in raising awareness about transgender issues, shares experiences that resonate with her followers, and celebrates the milestones of the transgender community.

Again, this Instagram transgender women profiles list is not an end-all-be-all list. This is just a fragment of thousands of other amazing transgender women on Instagram. If we fail to include your favorites, join the conversation by suggesting their handles in the comments section below.

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