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Transgender woman Geena Rocero on TED

Cyril Mazur
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TED is a global set of conferences operated by non profits in which experts and inspirational people give talks in various fields. Their slogan is “Ideas worth spreading“.

Watch model, activist and proud transgender woman Geena Rocero, as she takes TED’s stage to tell not only her story, but every transgender woman’s story, and the challenges of living freely as transgender. Her story starts back in the Philippines, she was a girl born in a boy’s body. And her life changes when she moves to the USA in 2001.

I love it when Geena says: “And I remember looking at my California driver’s license, with the name Geena and gender marker F. That was a powerful moment. For some people there, Ids are license to drive or even to get a drink. But for me that was my license to live, to feel dignified.

Or even: “Gender Identity is a core to our being, and sometimes that assignment doesn’t match. There should be space to self-identity.

You have to watch this!

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