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Cyril Mazur

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Cyril Mazur is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of My Transgender Date. He is a trans-oriented man who wants to end the stigma that surrounds trans relationships. Since 2005, he has been a serial entrepreneur and obtained an MSc in e-business in Oxford in 2010. Based on his personal experience and Internet entrepreneur background, he and his Co-founder Maki Gingoyon created My Transgender Date 10 years ago. In 2019, he was part of the panel of judges for the Mandaue Gay Pageant. He has helped thousands of couples worldwide find love through his own experiences and through My Transgender Date.

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Good bye Facebook (a Facebook horror story)

In May 2022, we were forced to remove the “Log in with Facebook” feature from our website, and ask all our members who depend on it (~20% of them) to confirm their email address and choose a password. I will explain how and why in this post. Trigger warning: you may not want to use […]

“My Transsexual Date” becomes “My Transgender Date”

In 2021 we decided to rename My Transsexual Date into My Transgender Date. Why the change? Let me explain everything. A little bit of history We initially launched our dating site in 2013, under the name My Ladyboy Date. As the name implies, it focused on Asia. In 2014 we launched a second website – […]

My Transsexual Date now accepts Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin

We at My Transsexual Date are die hard technology lovers. That’s why back in 2015 we already wanted to play our part in the cryptocurrency revolution and offer our members the option to pay by Bitcoin (the mother of all cryptocurrencies). Thanks to our partner Coinbase, we are now able to also accept payments by Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and […]

Sex Diaries: Trans Lovers, could it be more cliché?

Sex Diaries, episode 3: Trans Lovers. This documentary of 45 minutes aired on Channel 4 a few days ago. You might be able to still watch it online on Channel 4’s website (although I believe this won’t work if you’re not physically in the UK… I am in the Philippines and the video didn’t load — […]

Our transsexual dating site is now available in Portuguese

Last month, we opened the Chinese version of My Transsexual Date. Today I am glad to announce the opening of our Portuguese version! European Portuguese, to be more exact. Brazilian Portuguese will surely follow soon, but if our Brazilian friends wish to use the site in Portuguese already, this should do. Making My Transsexual Date […]

New languages available

The month of April starts with two new languages added to our collection: Thai and Italian. In addition to the already available French and Spanish that were released earlier this year, and of course English, we now offer our site in 5 languages. Why English is not enough? English is THE language to start with, […]

Transgender woman Geena Rocero on TED TED is a global set of conferences operated by non profits in which experts and inspirational people give talks in various fields. Their slogan is “Ideas worth spreading“. Watch model, activist and proud transgender woman Geena Rocero, as she takes TED’s stage to tell not only her story, but every transgender woman’s story, and […]

Banned from a lesbian dating site because she was transsexual

So the news is not new (end of 2012) but I just came across this article, and I found it pretty demonstrative of the attitude of the general public towards trans people (and that dating sites for LGBTs are not even run by people who understand LGBTs). Original article can be found here (it’s in […]