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My Transgender Date

“My Transsexual Date” becomes “My Transgender Date”

Cyril Mazur
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In 2021 we decided to rename My Transsexual Date into My Transgender Date. Why the change? Let me explain everything.

A little bit of history

We initially launched our dating site in 2013, under the name My Ladyboy Date. As the name implies, it focused on Asia. In 2014 we launched a second website – My Transsexual Date – in order to cater to a more international audience.

Note that My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date, despite having a different name and URL, are in fact just one website. They share the same database, userbase etc.

Back then, we debated if we should employ “transsexual” or “transgender” in our name. My reasoning was that transgender was very Western centric. In fact in Latin America (which has a pretty big trans population), transexual (Spanish for transsexual, with only one “s”) is still more employed than transgénero (Spanish for transgender). In the end, in order to be more inclusive, we decided to go for transsexual.

Why the change

It’s 2021 now, and things have changed. Trans people have gained a lot more visibility. We’ve had trans celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner. We’ve had more trans characters in movies and series. We’ve had the rise of Gender Theory, progressive ideologies and political correctness.

In 2021, it is clear that the term “transgender” has gained an enormous popularity over “transsexual”, and that a majority of trans women / trans men prefer to employ transgender rather than transsexual. And it seems to be heading that way in Latin America as well (as per Google Trends), albeit at a slower rate.

Transsexual, despite being a totally valid word (and very accurate in the context of our site), has lost its popularity and usage, and is even perceived as offensive by some people now.

So, considering this trend, and because we care about how our members feel, it makes sense for us to rename our website accordingly. I hope this change will be welcome 🙂

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About the author

Cyril Mazur
Cyril Mazur is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of My Transgender Date. He is a trans-oriented man who wants to end the stigma that surrounds trans relationships. Since 2005, he has been a serial entrepreneur and obtained an MSc in e-business in Oxford in 2010. Based on his personal experience and Internet entrepreneur background, he and his Co-founder Maki Gingoyon created My Transgender Date 10 years ago. In 2019, he was part of the panel of judges for the Mandaue Gay Pageant. He has helped thousands of couples worldwide find love through his own experiences and through My Transgender Date.

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Comments (33)

  • Shinta Ratri the new name, i hope more members Will joint us
  • Does this mean you are going to have your site help men who are changing from a man into a woman a place as I was told your website doesn't cater to?
    • Cyril Mazur
      Hi Ronda, thank you for your comment. I confirm that our website is dedicated to transgender women / trans women / transsexual women / male-to-female trans.
  • You mentioned Bruce Gener as an example but when I contacted and asked you about me you said your website didn't cater to that.
    I am looking for a man or a woman who wants a transgender man for his partner
  • I am going to great lengths to change my body to be more like a woman. I take hormones to grow breasts and laser treatments to remove the hair on my chest, stomach, genital area, legs, back and arms so I can dress either as a man or a woman when I go out in public which I do now. People in public never notice me dress as a man or woman but men do look at my developing breasts when I am dressed as a woman
  • I thought this website was for people like me so was very confused when I was told differently. Are you changing that aspect of the site?
    • Cyril Mazur
      Hi Ronda, thank you for your comment. I confirm that our website is dedicated to transgender women / trans women / transsexual women / male-to-female trans.
  • Rachael Johnson
    Transgender is probably the correct choice for the site. I have had surgery but more have not!
  • Valeria Hernandez
    Excelente iniciativa,los felicito.
  • Valeria Hernandez
    Excelente iniciativa,refleja evolucion y un enfoque mas visionario.
  • Derrick Landreneaue
    this a nice dating site were i meet guys in phoenix az
  • I am so comforted to have friends who understand how I feel. I hope the management can understand my situation in a state of loneliness....
    • Cyril Mazur
      Thank you Elyscha! We understand being trans can be a lonely journey and hope our website helps you meet the friends you need ❤️
  • Good change!

    My Transgender Date is more modern name. It has potential for getting much more hits in search engines (specially with optimizations) and is generally better name for marketing your site.

    I think next step should be to abandon also My Ladyboy Date and use only My Transgender Date as a dating site name - or limit access to MLD address geographically only for those Asian countries where word "Ladyboy" has more neutral or general meaning.
    • Cyril Mazur
      Thanks Kim! For MLD we are definitely planning to do something like this later this year :)
      • Also, maybe it would be time to modernize title text too. "Nice guys" is kind of superficial as it's not a personality type, instead more of a way of behaving.. in certain social situations.

        Few suggestions for new title:

        "Quality dating for transgender women and modern men"


        "Quality dating for transgender women and gentlemen"

        Gentleman is always respectful to everyone around them.

        How about:
        "Quality dating for transgender women and gentlemen who appreciate them"
        • Cyril Mazur
          Hi Kim,

          Good point! "Nice guys" could even be understood in a negative way actually.

          I'm concerned "gentlemen" sounds like it's only for older men, is it not?

          I like "modern men" very much 😃

          “Quality dating for transgender women and gentlemen who appreciate them” is perfect in meaning, but a tad too long for a tagline.
          • Joey Hubbard
            Cyril, you could also say trans-attracted men, or trans-oriented men; something like that. Nice Guys sounds blue pill and beta, like a guy who gets taken advantage of. Modern men sounds more masculine. Just don’t make it sound like the guys are weak. Know what I mean?
          • Cyril Mazur
            Yes, I agree :)
  • Só acho injusto vocês banir nos transexual ,as veze nos nós expressamos com alguns homens que só ficam visualizando nos perfil com os e fossemos mercadoria dai demos uma resposta que eles merece mas como eles não tem nada a perde já tem milhões de site par relacionamento hetero e nos denunciar e nos que queremos lho sério que somos e perdemos a oportunidade porque vocês nos bani ao invés de ser parcial conosco não com eles
    • Cyril Mazur
      Hi Leticia,

      Thank you for your message. We ban members (trans women and men) when they violate our guidelines. This is to keep the site safe, decent and enjoyable for everyone.

      I understand it's frustrating to be banned. Sometimes we make mistakes (our moderators are human), and sometimes we give second chances, so don't hesitate to contact us to try to sort it out (go here
  • Michael Harris
    Hello, Cyril. It is great you are contributing and making the world a more open-minded place. Keep sharing your personal experience with transsexuals thereby educating newbies proper attitudes. Thanks!
  • I do like the name change it doesn’t
    sounds condescending. I have been
    on this site four a few years now and
    there has been a couple of times that
    I thought that I meet mister right but
    turned out not so right, lol but I digress.
    I’ve been told that I’m to old to be on this
    site. Would you tell me if I am
    • Thank you Carrin! Age shouldn't be an issue, we have members from 18 to 80, all are welcome and all deserve a chance at love of course 💜
  • Claire Jones.
    Cher Cyril

    I think you have got it wrong. I am a clinical psychologist and Professor in Psycho Sexual therapy. The translation you provide is opinion and not fact. First of all. Transsexualism is the diagnosis all transgendered people are given if it is felt they want to move down the line of gender reassignment. Being Transsexual is a state where you are in your journey and not at all insulting to people. Finding yourself as transgender is wanting to change your gender. IE Requesting full gender reassignment surgery. I have interviewed over 1000 of your male members and none of them are looking for what is to be a trans woman. They are looking for a transsexual woman. This being , someone who has decided to keep their male genitals. I do understand the science of language and culture but I do believe you have got this wrong in all sorts of ways. In English, the two words mean very different context. Either is inoffensive and the real science of persons who question their gender is being distorted by what you write. I would suggest for you to have a survey and ask male members what they are looking for and I can assure you that no one is looking for a trans woman. With full GRS behind her. Like all research. One has to go out there and determine the facts. Not make them up because you feel like it.

    I joined this site because it was called mytranssexualdate. I was horrified and so confused why you changed it. Now I have read your blog. I can see you are more confused than most of those who have posted here.

    Kind regards
    Dr Claire Jones
    • Cyril Mazur
      Hi Claire,

      Thank you very much for your detailed and educated comment, much appreciated! (and I remember we already exchanged by email a few months ago about this, didn't we)

      Again, I totally agree with you, I personally think there is nothing wrong with the term "transsexual". It is a totally valid and medical term, and nobody ever complained about it until recently.

      Unfortunately, you and I don't get to decide what society makes of terminologies. You and I are also powerless in front of an army of hateful leftists who have nothing better to do than try to destroy people like us.

      It wasn't an easy decision for me, believe me. But ultimately I put my principles to help trans women find love before my principles to fight over terminologies.
      • Tamia Thompson
        I'm a post-op trans woman and from reading the Professors comment on having spoken to 1000 men who only want pre-op trans women, it seems logical for me to date on "general dating" websites instead. Thanks for the heads up as I don't want to waste my time.
  • I love this site

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