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All About Gender Non-Conformity

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A lot of people are confused with the newly recognized individuals in the LGBTQA+ spectrum. It can be overwhelming most especially if you’re a novice in learning more about this topic. However, today, we’re going to discuss something that’s a bit confusing on its own; gender non-conformity.

Please know that everything that’s listed here is based on our research. We’re in no way experts.

What is Gender Non-conforming ?

gender non-conforming puzzle

The meaning of Gender Non-conforming

A gender non-conforming individual is someone who doesn’t live based on the stereotypical ideas of what genders are supposed to be. This individual doesn’t believe in quintessential masculinity and femininity.

Gender Non-conformity VS. Gender Fluidity

Gender non-conformity is different from gender-fluidity. A gender-fluid person is someone who’s comfortable in switching between being a woman and a man; which makes the latter, amenable to the stereotypes of gender identities.

Non-binary and Genderqueer

These two are quite similar to gender non-conforming. These individuals believe that there are genders outside the binary (men and women).  

How does a Gender Non-conforming person look like ?

Some of them present themselves in an ambiguous way. They could mix and match the clothing that’s made for women and men. 

Others don’t express themselves through the way they dress. 

Some gender non-conforming people may appear to be the stereotypical man or woman.

This type of identity is way beyond how one looks like. They see genders as gray as opposed to being black and white.

If you’re still confused, take for example the pieces of clothing.

Gender Non-conforming person

A mini-skirt is normally worn by women. However, for a gender non-conforming person, it’s just a piece of clothing. They feel that it can be worn by them and can be mixed with what’s known as a typical piece of clothing made for a guy.

To sum it up, gender non-conforming people simply can’t be defined by how they look like.

What is Gender Binary ?

boy girl cakes

Gender binary is classified as the two distinct opposites. They are what we most commonly know as men and women.

Transgender people mostly belong in this category too. 

A lot of them just switch to the opposite gender that they identify with from their assigned genders at birth.

Below is a list of characteristics for the two genders from common cultural and societal beliefs.

Men :

  • Strong ;
  • masculine ;
  • tough ;
  • hard workers ;
  • sexually active ;
  • brave ;
  • big ;
  • active ;
  • logical.

Women :

  • gentle ;
  • fragile ;
  • calm ;
  • motherly ;
  • sexually passive ;
  • persuasive ;
  • petite ;
  • passive ;
  • emotional.

The list above doesn’t reflect what we think about certain genders. Those characteristics are what’s commonly associated respectively with the two. We did not create this section to cause division or misogyny. It was included in order to have a better understanding as to what gender non-conforming means.

Gender Non-conforming Celebrities

Miley Cyrus
  • Sam Smith ;
  • Miley Cyrus ;
  • Courtney Act ;
  • Ruby Rose ;
  • Cara Delevingn ;
  • Rose McGowan ;
  • Jinkx Monsoon.

There are more gender non-conforming celebrities. Some have not come out while some have, but just not in the media.

Stigma with Gender Non-conforming people

Gender Non-conforming people

Sadly, in today’s world, people who don’t conform to binarism still get a lot of flak. Some feminists even discredit their existence. Just like how they discredit the womanhood of transgender women.

While transgender people are gaining more acceptance and inclusion in society, the fight isn’t over. Gender non-conforming people are made fun of a lot most especially through memes. You’ll see people make sarcastic posts identifying as pineapples or hairbrushes; trivializing the feelings of non-conforming people.

For people who are new to the LGBTQA+ community, understanding gender non-conformity could prove to be difficult to understand. However, people don’t have to get too involved in getting to know gender identities. People should just start accepting others for who they are and how they express themselves.

Gender Non-Conforming Flag

Gender Non-Conforming Flag

The Gender Non-Conforming flag may also be used by anyone who doesn’t conform to gender norms. These people may also be called :

  • gender variant ;
  • gender diverse ;
  • gender non-conforming ;
  • genderqueer ;
  • gender-atypical.

Pride Month

Gender non-conforming and non-binary people have been active lately in Pride marches. They’re considered to be a part of the LGBTQA+ community. Denying their existence is denying what the Pride marches are all about. Inclusivity, acceptance, and understanding all play big roles in changing the world into a better place.

If you come across someone in a Pride march who’s from this spectrum, do not trivialize them. Do not make jokes about what you quirkily identify with.

Who are Gender Non-conforming Individuals attracted to ?

Gender Non-conforming Individual

A Gender Non-conforming individual can be attracted to anyone. What they identify as has nothing to do with who they’re attracted to. Gender identity is different from one’s sexual orientation.

What you shouldn’t do

If an individual comes out as non-conforming, ask them how they want to be addressed. To be safe, use the pronouns they, their, and them. Added to that, don’t make silly jokes about how you suddenly identify as something else. This will make them feel like you’re trivializing their gender identity.

Often times, in comedy pages in social media, non-conforming and non-binary people are made fun of a lot. We’ve reiterated this in case you have missed the other section. You should never make jokes like how you suddenly woke up and identifying as an armchair or a cactus.

Gender Non-conforming Support Hotlines

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

  • 24/7 hotline, staffed by trained individuals, for those in suicidal crisis or emotional distress
  • Crisis hotline: 800­-273-­TALK (8255); 888-­628­-9454 (en español)

Crisis Text Line

The Trevor Project

National Sexual Assault Hotline

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

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