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Transgender Sports and the Athletes

Since time immemorial, sports have been part of the global culture. Most people participate in sports as a hobby while some, for professional reasons. In most sporting activities, competition exists. Along with this competition are winners, runner-ups, and various placements.

This is why when trans people started to reclaim their basic human rights, the talk of trans in sports and transgender athletes became controversial. However, one must understand that even if sports aim to promote discipline and sportsmanship, entertain, and improve lives, certain traditions are not meshing well with inclusivity.

Gender Differences in Sports

Because you already know the fundamentals of sports, it’s time to discuss certain distinctions. Traditionally, competitive sports and sporting events have imposed a dichotomy. This is the separation of competitions based on genders.

Naturally, most males are stronger than females physically. This is why to incorporate fairness in competitions, males have been separated from females. There’s NBA (for men) and WNBA (for women), NFL (for men) and WNFL (for women), and more.

sportive man and woman

This is why when transgender people, most especially trans women started regaining their basic human rights, the sector of sports has been affected. Many people disagree with transgender women competing in women’s sports competitions.

They say that cisgender women are disadvantaged because trans women are naturally stronger and faster. While it’s a valid argument, it also cemented the exclusion of trans women from national sporting competitions.

Transgender and Sports and Transgender Athletes

Because the debates of including transgender women in women’s sports lead towards the topic of hormones and physical strength, certain compromises have been observed.

To incorporate fairness, some sporting events check the hormone levels of transgender women before the games begin. If their hormones are in the female range, the organizers allow transgender women to compete against cisgender women.

man and women athletes

However, not all sporting event organizers are open to this kind of idea. Added to that, the majority of sports fans just don’t find this setup fair for cisgender women.

Currently, in 2021, no standards have been set yet for allowing trans women to join women’s sporting events. There have also been no strides upon creating transgender sports exclusive to trans people yet. But that’s not to say that transgender athletes don’t exist yet.

2021 Transgender Sports Update

Just this year, a silver lining was witnessed when President Joe Biden took the seat. He rolled out an executive order to include all transgender female athletes in sporting events.

The said Executive Order aims to Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. It was signed on his inauguration day. One of the orders is for the educational institutions that receive funding from the government, is to allow individuals who identify as women to join women’s sports teams in school.

However, this was not music to the ears of certain high-profile women. These are well-known women’s sports leaders, including Martina Navratilova who is a multiple Olympian and a tennis legend.

Scientific Approach in Including Transgender Women into Women’s Sports

But this does not mean that they are protesting against the executive order in a baseless manner. Nancy Hogshead-Makar, an attorney and one of the leaders of the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group appealed.


“We fully support the Biden executive order, ending LGBT discrimination throughout society, including employment, banking, family law and public accommodations–Competitive sports, however, are akin to pregnancy and medical testing; these areas require a science-based approach to trans inclusion. Our aim has been on protecting the girls’ and women’s competitive categories, while crafting accommodations for trans athletes into sport wherever possible.”

What Joe Biden’s Presidency means for Transgender Athletes

Although Joe Biden’s goal of inclusivity is noble, certain protocols must be observed. Sports are highly competitive and winners should be announced based on fairness, merits, and hard work. The playing field must also be leveled for transgender women to smoothly transition into women’s sports.

Joe Biden and Obama

Currently, everything is fuzzy about his executive order. Just like what Hogshead-Makar added,

“While the details of President Biden’s executive order remain fuzzy, asking women — no, requiring them — to give up their hard-won rights to compete and be recognized in elite sport, with equal opportunities, scholarships, prize money, publicity, honor and respect, does the cause of transgender inclusion no favors–”

She added by saying,

“–It engenders justifiable resentment, setting back the cause of equality throughout society. And either extreme position – full inclusion or full exclusion in sport – will make life much harder for transgender people. We must make sport a welcoming place for all.”

Famous Transgender Athletes

Amidst all of the confusion and murky waters, transgender athletes still exist. Some of them are even Olympians.

Caitlyn Jenner

She is probably if not the most popular transgender athlete of all time, one of the most. However, she did not get her Olympic gold medals after transitioning. She got her first Olympic success in 1974. Her first win was in a men’s decathlon event the same year. She also won 1st place in the Pan American Games and Olympic Games in 1974 and 1975 accordingly.

Because of the fame that she gained from being a successful decathlon, she became a spokesperson for the breakfast cereal brand Wheaties in the 70s. She has also appeared in various TV and movie shows in the same era.

Caitlyn Jenner

Nowadays, she’s most famous for controversially coming out as a transgender woman. She did so while still shooting Keeping up with the Kardashians and being known as the patriarch of the family.

Many reactions were negative but it was an impactful stride for the transgender community. Because of the tantamount audience of the reality TV show, her story was able to reach impressive numbers. Her courage opened the eyes of many people to educate themselves on what transgenderism is.

Renee Richards

Unlike Jenner, Richards was able to win sporting events while competing against cisgender women. She is an ophthalmologist and a former tennis player. Her athletic career brought upon success in the 70s professional sporting circuit. She is best known for fighting to be able to compete in the US Open in 1976 after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

Renee Richards

She was outed as a trans woman by a local TV anchor named Richard Carlson in 1976. Because of this, the United States Tennis Association (USTA), the United States Open Committee (USOC), and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) imposed female competitors to undergo a gender verification through chromosome testing.

Richards refused the test and was not allowed to compete in the Open, Wimbledon in 1976. Subsequently, she sued USTA for discrimination by gender in violation of the New York Human Rights Law. Because of this, she was allowed to play in the US Open in 1977.

Chris Mosier

Mosier started his athletic career before transitioning to a man. In 2015, he was able to take a spot on the Team USA sprint duathlon men’s team for the World Championship in 2016. He became well-known after being the first openly transgender athlete member in a U.S. national team.

Chris Mosier

His professional strides did not only stop at his own career. He is also the founder of The website is a resource for trans athletes, coaches, students, and administrators to discover updates about trans-inclusion in the sports world.

He’s also working with different sports organizations to strengthen the inclusion of trans athletes in the sports world. In 2020, Mosier competed in the US Olympic Team Trials for the 50k Racewalk event. He did not get placement because he was injured during the race.

The Future of Transgender Athletes

Some people say that there should be transgender sports. However, that goes against the fight for inclusion that trans people deserve. Many talks and debates are happening now because both the anti and pros have very good points. The inclusion of transgender athletes still has a long way to go.

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