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Trans Rights Around the World

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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The transgender movement has been making a lot of strides lately. However, there’s still a long way to go. The fight for equality, health care, dignity, and protection is still ongoing because globally, trans rights are still not accessible. To have a better understanding, this guide was created to inform you about the current status of transgender rights around the world.

By reading from this site, you agree that we are not claiming to be experts on this matter. We’re only trying to share the information that we’ve obtained from well-known resources.


When it comes to the talks of transgenderism, Asia isn’t put in a corner. The reason being is that a lot of beautiful transgender women come from this continent.

However, you’ll be surprised that albeit that, Asian trans people are still deprived of transgender laws supporting them.

To give this guide a jumpstart, it’s smart to start with a country that’s known to cultivate the most beautiful transgender women…


Oddly, even if Thailand’s country is centered upon the highly tolerant religion of Buddhism, trans rights aren’t still hugely in favor of transgender individuals. This is why a lot of its transgender women still end up in the adult industry.

Thai Trans women


Same-sex marriage and civil unions are not recognized in Thailand as of 2020. However, the same year brought upon the country’s civil union bill. If it successfully passes the parliament, it will be a law. Same-s*x partners will be able to own properties together and adopt children should everything check out in favor of the LGBTQIA+ community.

What this means for transgender women is that they’ll be able to have a civil union with cisgender men. The same goes for transgender men and cisgender women.

Gender Identity

In Thailand, transgender individuals are not allowed to change their gender markers in their legal documents. There’s also no pending bill about the issue as well. Albeit how forward Thailand seems to be on the surface, the real situation of Thai trans people is still stagnant.


What makes Thailand a lot better than its other Asian counterparts is that a lot of Thai universities accept transgender students. Trans individuals are allowed to dress up as the gender they choose and can finish their studies without any problems.

Some schools even have separate bathrooms for transgender people (although this is controversial because, in the west, this system is not inclusive). But the good thing is trans people can enter the bathroom and do their business without being subject to:

  • harassment
  • humiliation
  • and discrimination


Because Thailand’s society is highly tolerant, even if trans rights are a bit absent, Thai transgenders can still live better lives than their other Asian counterparts.

Transgender workers are omnipresent most especially in Bangkok. But the common reason as to why a lot of transgender women in Thailand turn to s*x work is because of familial objections.

A lot of them get disowned by their families which results in not being able to finish their education. Lack of education and confidence can traumatize adolescent individuals, hence, an obscure career path.


Another popular country in Asia when it comes to transgender people is the Philippines. However, it’s not always more fun in the Philippines. Transpinay lives aren’t always filled with fiesta and entertainment. More often than not, they end up working in the adult industry.



The situation of transgender people is much worse in the Philippines. A bill for a civil union for same-s*x couples has never passed. Being a country that has laws based predominantly on the Catholic church, chances of a law like this passing in the Supreme Court will never come to light in the near future.

Gender Identity

  1. In 2019, the SOGIE (Sexual orientation and gender identity expression) Equality Bill has failed to become a law. It was created to protect LGBTQIA+ individuals from discrimination.
  2. In 2020, another version of it was created which is called SOGIESC. Luckily, it has passed as a bill again but with the current people seated in the senate, chances of it becoming law are slim to none.

Furthermore, both bills don’t have clauses stating that transgender people can change their gender markers in their legal identity documents. But both will be helpful in providing trans people a more leveled playing field in the workforce.


The majority of colleges and universities in the Philippines still don’t allow transgender students. Discrimination based on gender still exists even in education institutions. They’re only allowed to finish their education if they won’t dress up and express themselves with the gender that they identify with.


The silver lining of transgender people in the Philippines is the abundance of call center companies in the country. Furthermore, a lot of Filipinos are fluent in English and it comes in handy in the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry.

Most companies belonging to the BPO industry are owned by western people. They’re more inclusive and couldn’t care less if one’s gender identity and s*xual orientation. The majority of transpinoys and transpinays work in the BPO industry.

However, some transpinays still choose the adult industry because of:

  • poverty
  • fearing to face discrimination
  • lack of education
  • and familial support system

In Asia and Oceana, the countries that have more positive treatments for transgender people are Taiwan and Australia. Both countries allow same-s*x marriages and are quite advanced when it comes to the protection of transgender people.

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Europe and North America

Most countries in this region are more open-minded and have more human rights campaigns. This is why the quality of life of transgender individuals in the west is much better than their eastern counterparts.


It’s not named the land of the free for no reason. Apart from advanced education and an overall better standard of living, the USA is also known to be inclusive when it comes to transgenders and their rights.

Albeit Americans’ governmental woes and the recent controversies dealing with the Trump administration, it’s still one of the best places to live as a transgender person.

transgender women


Same-s*x marriage is recognized and legal in the USA. This is why transgender individuals can easily get married to cisgender persons without any problems and delays.

Trans-oriented couples can:

  • own properties together
  • adopt children
  • and raise a family without any legal caveats

Gender Identity

In the US, trans people can change their gender markers in their legal documents even if they have not undergone SRS (sex reassignment surgery). The state will recognize you as a woman without hesitations if you’re a transgender woman. Trans people can travel freely without immigration questioning as to why their look does not match the gender marker on their passports.


Dressing up representing your true gender won’t be an issue in most schools in the USA. Most Americans are accepting and knowledgeable about transgenderism.


A lot of transgender people have amazing careers in the US. This is made possible because the country’s workforce is quite accepting of transgender people.

Companies in the US value an individual’s merits more than gender identity. In 2021, Sarah McBride will be the first openly transgender senator in the country.


If you’re a transgender individual and you have the chance to migrate to Canada, it’s high time to consider it. The reason being is apart from transgender rights, the country also pays for trans people’s SRS and HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) medication.

Canadian transsexual women


Canadian transgender people can marry cisgender people without any problems. Gay men and women can marry each other as well. The only issue that you’ll be having is the wedding venue, the cost of the dress and reception, and finding a partner.

Gender Identity

Similar to the US, a Canadian trans woman can change her gender marker in all of her legal documents. She can also change her name that suits her real gender more.


Canada is known to have very kind people but like in any other school, bullying exists. However, educational institutions in Canada don’t reprimand the students for their gender identities.


In Canada, the workforce is not only tolerant of transgender individuals. Companies in Canada are very welcoming and accepting of trans people. Some of these companies even have regulations that protect trans people from discrimination at work.

Other countries in this region with similar transgender laws are France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and more. However, Russia has polar opposite views in terms of transgender people and everyone belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Middle East and Africa

Sadly, even if this region is quite a beautiful place, it’s the worst to live as a transgender person. A lot of nations in the middle east and Africa still criminalize same-s*x relationships and only accept binary people. Trans dating will prove to be a challenge.

United Arab Emirates

Albeit the existence of transgender and gay immigrants in the country, same-s*x relationships can still be punishable. If you’re planning to live here, you have to be very discreet in expressing your love for your partner of the same s*x.

transgender UAE

Gigi Gorgeous, a famous vlogger from the US, was sent back to her country when she arrived at the airport in Dubai. The country’s immigration office doesn’t recognize her as a woman even if she already changed her gender marker, hence, the airport-to-airport conundrum.


Same-s*x unions are non-existent and even punishable in the country. There’s no chance in the near future for it to be realized. If you want to settle down as a trans person or with a trans person, it’s not the best place for you.

Gender Identity

Even transgender tourists can’t enter the country. The way that they get to enter is by dressing up as their birth certificate genders in the airport. Protections for transgender people in the UAE are still non-existent.


Anything that has to do with belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community can be punishable. This is also the reason why openly transgender students are not allowed to study in the UAE.


A lot of transgender women work in beauty salons but they are dressed modestly. It’s wise not to dress up loudly or provocatively most especially if you are a transgender woman who isn’t passable. This is not a warning to shift or play with your confidence. You must know that you are not protected in this country.

South Africa

However, this region is not only shrouded with dark clouds. After all, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. If you want to find better opportunities in Africa as a transgender person, the best place for you is South Africa. Not only is its metropolitan country spectacular, but it’s also a melting pot of diverse cultures.

South Africa transwoman


Same-s*x marriage is legal in South Africa. If you’re planning to fall in love with a transgender person from this country or you’re a trans person yourself, have no fears in expressing your emotions.

Gender Identity

In South Africa, transgender people can change their gender markers. Trans individuals will have fewer issues with traveling by owning a South African passport. They also live a better quality of life because nobody’s allowed to invalidate their gender identity.


Most educational institutions won’t care how a student expresses their gender. All they care about is a student’s dedication to studying.


Although the government protects transgenders from discrimination, trans people still experience discrimination in the workforce in South Africa. There’s also no known record of a South African transgender politician as of 2020.

If you want to be part of supporting the transgender rights movements or you simply want your question, What are Trans rights answered, visit the website of GLAAD.

It’s an organization that works round the clock to battle the stigma that encompasses the transgender community.

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