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Why Transgender Names are Vital for a Trans Individual?

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Transgender names can be very tricky most especially if legalities are involved. A transgender person must assess theirs completely before taking the jump. To some, choosing a name can be quite exciting. It’s like picking a baby name or a pet name.

However, to a transgender person, it’s more complicated because it’s what’s going to represent them for the rest of their lives. The gender they were assigned at birth doesn’t go with their gender identities. People whose gender identities don’t match with their legal documents suffer not only with their incorrect gender markers.

In this guide, we’re not only going to talk about trans names, but we’re also going to give some recommendations that may help you finally find the name that you’re destined to have. However, please take this guide with a grain of salt because, at the end of the day, it’s your name, your life, and your choice.

Why most Transgender people Change their names?

Levels of gender dysphoria come into play when the talks of transgender names are involved. Most people who identify as trans individuals want to also match the gender that they’re comfortable living with. Not all transgender women are okay with being called Bob and they have every right to feel so.

In order to get more in-depth about this topic, below’s a list of reasons as to why transgender people choose to change theirs.


As mentioned above, gender dysphoria levels of each trans individual vary from another. This is why it’s of paramount importance to be addressed as something else even if it’s only on a personal level.

thinking person

For a trans individual, writing on:

  • simple thank you notes
  • forms
  • or whatever random piece of paper

Could feel gratifying if they’re writing the name that matches their gender. Some transgender people find it comforting if they envision themselves as the name that they’ve chosen. Added to that, even if a transgender individual is already under a medical treatment that alleviates their dysphoria, they can still be triggered if they’re called with a name that doesn’t match the s*x they identify with.


In other cases, some transgender people identify so much with who they idolize to the point of adopting their idol’s name. This is the reason why you’re going to stumble upon a transgender woman named:

  • Beyonce
  • Rihanna
  • Celine
  • Whitney
  • or Mariah
group of persons

Some people may think that this could discredit one’s transgender identity because they might be accused of transitioning just because of their idol but that’s pure clownery. Gender Identity and or Gender Expression don’t equate name and if they want to feel like they’re a diva, they should feel free to do so.

Avoid Confusion

As a transgender individual, it’s of paramount importance to have your name match your gender identity in order for people to avoid confusion. This also helps them not to be discriminated against most especially in places whereby they’re going to be called audibly by their names.

confused person

Nothing’s as embarrassing as being called Roger loudly in the DMV or a Weight Watcher’s meeting while you’re wearing a slinky dress that leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

Legal Documents

If you’re a transgender individual and you travel quite often, having a name that suits your gender better will give you a better sense of security. This goes hand-in-hand with having your gender marker match how you dress up as well. Traveling is one of the most dreaded experiences that transgender people (who haven’t changed their legal documents yet) go through and it’s imperative to have a name ready for such an undertaking.


Transgender people, most especially transgender women, often get denied to fly or get interrogated by the immigration officers if their gender and names do not suit how they look like. This is quite a conundrum and what makes these names quite vital.

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Changing Your Name

Have you come to the conclusion that you’re finally ready to change your name? Don’t worry, in this section, we’re going to discuss more how you’re going to make it happen. Please know that we will not be able to list all the steps exactly as different countries have different administrative steps when it comes to trans people changing their names.


Sadly, in most countries around the world, people who identify as transgender individuals are still not allowed to change their names and gender markers. However, a lot of countries tolerate transgender people so it’s still important to have a proper name to go with your chosen gender.

Choosing an informal name is quite easy because you can change it anytime you feel the need to do so. Most people go with something that’s closer to their birth name while others, go for something totally unrelated to theirs.

two girls on a bench

We’re going to talk more about name suggestions later but for now, in order to change your name informally, all you have to do is INFORM (pun intended) the people that matter to you in regards to this change.

You’ve already come out as a trans person so it will not be of surprise for them to know that you prefer to be called another name.

  1. Be adamant about people calling you the name you want (unless it involves IDs and information in contracts and more.)
  2. Change your Facebook name to your chosen one.
  3. Use your chosen name in all of your social media apps.
  4. Introduce yourself with your chosen name to the people you meet for the first time.
  5. Start getting used to being called the name you chose even in intimate settings.
  6. Don’t let close friends or family members still call you your birth name even if it’s in an endearing manner
  7. Lecture them about the difference of s*xual orientation and gender identity
  8. Call yourself no other name but the one you picked. You may do this with your thoughts whenever you’re having a conversation with yourself in your head
  9. Show them the transgender symbols and what they stand for


If you’re one of the lucky ones who have the option of changing the name on your legal documents, it’s time for you to rejoice. Countries such as:

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy, and more

Are offering this type of legal transformation.

justice hammer

In some countries, the government charges for a transgender name change but these don’t usually cost too high because doing so is more of a right rather than a privilege. A name change will not break the bank so just go for it!

We highly suggest for you to do this along with changing your gender marker so that you don’t have to go through a long time of waiting twice. Below are some helpful links to change your name in the mentioned countries above.

What transgender name should you use?

This part seems quite an easy feat but you’ll be surprised that this will take you longer than the other parts of this guide. However, don’t fret because this guide was created for it to be easier for you to determine the perfect trans name that you’ll hopefully enjoy for the rest of your existence.

Something Close to Your Birth Name

This is one of the most common methods that trans individuals use to choose the name that they want to go by. It’s not complicated, it’s more familiar, and it will be easier for your friends and family to get used to using it.

writing kid

If you’re a trans man and you were named Francesca by your parents, you can go with Franco. Should you be a trans woman who was unfortunately named Gregory at birth, you may go for Gigi or Gretchen. These are just prime examples but we’re pretty sure that you can be creative with this.

Your Birth Name’s Translation

If for some reason, you can’t be bothered by choosing your transgender name, you can be lazy by naming yourself with the gender translation of your birth name. This usually works for gender-neutral names.

walking kid

For example, if you’re a transgender woman who’s born Gabriel, you can use Gabrielle instead. You may also use Roberta instead of Roberto so that you’ll only have to change an alphabet.

This is a bit unexciting but a lot of transgender people are happy with using this method. They feel that they’re still in tune with their past but with a fresher and more appropriate version of themselves.

Have your Parent/s Name You

If after transitioning, you’re still on good terms with your parent/s, have them pick the name for you. This way, you will feel a more sense of legitimacy because after all, most people are named by their parent/s.

father and kid statue

Should they be having a hard time deciding which name to choose, give them some options of the names that you like and have them pick one that best suits you.

Choose for Yourself

Don’t like the other methods mentioned above? There’s no better way than choosing the name for yourself. After all, you’re the one who’s going to live with the name for the rest of your life.

women with earth

Try googling Male or Female names and their meanings if you want to be more connected with the name that you fancy. Doing so will give you a fresher perspective in which name genuinely suits your personality.

You can even go the drag queen route and choose the most outrageous and fun name you can think of. You only live once! 

Did you enjoy reading this Why Transgender Names are Vital for a Trans Individual guide? Don’t forget to share this with your friends or anyone you know who needs it. 

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