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Transsexual woman Geena Rocero comes home to Philippines

Maki Gingoyon
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Geena Rocero is a Filipino Transgender woman who had the chance to talk on TED, a talk that marked a beginning of a global change towards accepting transgender women. And now she comes back to Philippines for so many reasons, recently  she attended the global celebration of IDAHOT (International day against homophobia and transphobia).

Her talk on TED doesn’t just end there, which is another reason why she comes home to Philippines and that is to have conversations,  and talks that would give opportunity to share her story and let the Filipino community understand what Filipino transgender people need.  This interview from rappler is the start  of those conversations and hopefully more, so Filipino community will understand better the nature of being transgender.

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Maki Gingoyon
Mabuhay! I am a Filipino transgender woman who believes that making friends with, or dating and loving a transgender woman should not be ashamed of.

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