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Why Transphobia shouldn’t Exist?

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The world is ever-changing towards a more inclusive place. However, homophobia and transphobia still exist. Today, you’re going to know as to why this word was created; and how such a semantic wreaks havoc on humanity.

If you’re not interested in accepting people who are different from who you are, skip this article. However, if you’re here to learn how to make this world a better place, keep reading its definition and everything that encompasses this evil word.

What is Transphobia ?

Phobia is described as a feeling of aversion or extreme fear of something. This something could be in the form of people, places, experiences, etc. However, when it comes to this, it’s a little bit more complicated.

transphobic men

It’s is a term that’s commonly used to describe people who HATE transgender individuals. Most of them aren’t just fearful of diversity. Some of them go as far as to want transgender people eliminated from the face of the earth.

These people are mostly known as transphobic.

What does transphobic mean?

It is used as an adjective to describe a person, experience, situation, etc. However, don’t use this word loosely because it’s unfair to mistake it with ignorance. They’re not just unaware of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals.

Not all ignorant people are called so. Some are willing to learn but may say the wrong things from time to time. These are commonly the people who have a religious upbringing. However, some of them are open to understanding and acceptance.

Its definition doesn’t manifest easily. Most people who choose not to date a trans individual aren’t transphobic. Others who don’t want to have s*xual relations with trans people aren’t either.

7 Common negative attitudes of transphobic people

Please know that the list below won’t pinpoint a transphobic person. However, these traits are what most of these people have in common. Take them with a grain of salt.

  1. discriminatory against them
  2. thinks their mental health is not normal
  3. prejudiced against them
  4. thinking it’s ok for trans people to be s*xually assaulted because they like it
  5. have a strong belief that transgenderism is a choice
  6. having thoughts of trans people making people’s s*xual orientation confusing
  7. believes that transgender people can be cured out of their gender identities
  8. doesn’t agree that transgender individuals should have the same rights as they do
  9. disgust for transgender people
  10. wishes harm to trans individuals and more

There are a plethora of transphobic traits. The list above is the most telling of such a person. If you come across these people and you want to educate them on how negative an impact they’re making towards other people’s lives, keep reading.

Effects of Transphobia towards Transgender Individuals

It is something that’s innately irreversible. If a person is like so to the core, no amount of education could help this person. However, most people exhibiting these traits are still open-minded.

By reading this part of the guide, you’ll be able to educate ignorant people of the repercussions of their oblivion.

More Depression

Gender dysphoria already causes a transgender individual depression.

More than 50% of transgender teens think of taking their lives just to end the pain. These people are worthy and capable of serving the world and shouldn’t be dealing with minority stress.

transgender women depressed

However, some are taken away too early because of transphobia.

Denying a person of basic human rights and access to dignity can be crippling. Most transgender people go through this. Being bullied can be considered normalcy for trans individuals but not everyone is resilient enough for this kind of conundrum.

Inequality and Basic Human Rights

Most people take inequality lightly.

human rights

These people have not experienced being denied the most basic human rights such as:

  1. studying
  2. health care
  3. working
  4. and let alone something as trivial as entering an establishment

In various schools around the world, transgender people aren’t allowed to express their gender identity

Most companies don’t hire them even if they’re equipped with the required knowledge and credentials just because their biological s*x does not “go” with how they look. Many businesses don’t want transgender people stepping foot on their grounds even if they have the money to spend.

Added to that, transgender people are also shooed away from using a public bathroom. These things could be trivial to most until they experience them themselves.

The Devil

Furthermore, the fear-mongering religious transphobic people paint transgender identity in such a bad light; that their existence seems to be of something that’s crafted by the devil himself.

beautiful women

Transgender people are not evil. Some are even religious. 

There are many evils in this world and it’s ridiculous to equate trans people to adulterers, thieves, rapists, abusers, murderers, and more.


There are plenty of trans individuals who get disowned by their families.

Nothing can be more painful than having your parents and siblings cut ties with you.

family under sunset

This shouldn’t be happening just because the child chooses to be happy without hurting anyone.

If people were more accepting, transgender suicide rates won’t be as apparent as they are today.


Transgender dating is brimming with rejections.

Most cisgender men and women are not open to being in a trans-oriented relationship.

rejected person

Because most people still don’t accept the fact that transgender women are women and transgender men are men, trans individuals are often put in the undateable box.

This is why My Transgender Date was created. It’s the first decent transgender dating site that helps connect men and transgender women who are looking for love.


It should be of no surprise that just by being a transgender person, you could get killed

A lot of hate crimes done by transphobic people lead to death.


If you follow the news, you will be aware that the most gruesome murders are done because of violence towards transgender people.

Some of these murders have even made the headlines and caused multiple rallies.

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Transgender people who have died from hate crimes

Countless lives have been taken away because of this phobia. It is a global situation that should be stopped. If transgender people are only deemed with nothing short of respect and tolerance, none of these crimes would have happened.

Jennifer Laude (Philippines)

The death of 26-year-old Filipino trans woman Jennifer Laude became a media sensation. It has been covered by major TV stations and has flooded social media sites in the Philippines for weeks. Truly, if it were a film, it would’ve been a blockbuster.

Jennifer Laude

However, it’s not the case. Her death was caused by United States’ 19-year-old Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton. Pemberton claimed that he killed Laude by strangulation in “self-defense” after discovering that she’s a transgender woman.

The sad thing is that the court of Olongapo Regional Trial Court decided to reduce the verdict from murder to homicide; citing mitigating circumstances including Laude not revealing her gender identity. They added that the action of Pemberton was only due to “passion and obfuscation”.

This tarnished the relationship between the US and the Philippines. Furthermore, the court reduced the sentence of Pemberton from 12 years to 10 years in jail. Transphobia still has no major repercussions and this is why its existence is still rampant these days.

Gwen Araujo (USA)

The murder of Gwen Araujo may be one of the most gruesome transgender murders of all time. A movie was also made about her life and countless rallies have taken place after her death.

On the evening of October 3, 2002, Gwen Araujo went to a house party held by Jose and Paul Merel. At the party were their younger brother Emmanuel, Jaron  Nabors, Michael Magidson, and Nicole Brown.

Gwen Araujo

The murder was committed by the men mentioned above after forcing Araujo to reveal her gender identity.

Other victims are:

  • Celine Walker
  • Tonya Harvey
  • Christa Leigh Steel-Knudslein
  • Roxana Hernandez
  • London Moore 
  • and more

Transgender and Gender Abuse Support

If you know anyone who’s experiencing abuse and you want to help, you may save a life by contacting the hotlines below.

Too many lives have already been lost. How much more are we going to take? It’s never too late to do the right thing. If you find it in your heart to stop these crimes, the best thing that you can do is to spread awareness. Share this article with your loved ones and educate them.

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