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Category: Informational

Gender Inclusive Housing for Transgender Teens in College

Studying in college is one of the most exciting and life-changing times in a teen’s life. Choosing a course, meeting new people, joining sororities and fraternities, and all of the other fun activities are all to say none the least, quite enticing. However, for a transgender teen who’s entering college, these thoughts can get complicated. […]

Trans Rights Around the World

The transgender movement has been making a lot of strides lately. However, there’s still a long way to go. The fight for equality, health care, dignity, and protection is still ongoing because globally, trans rights are still not accessible. To have a better understanding, this guide was created to inform you about the current status […]

The Word Nibling Explained

Some types of evolution take hundreds of years to occur. However, one of the fastest and most vital evolutions that constantly take place in our lives is the evolution of words. Today, you’re going to learn about a new word and it’s called nibling, along with the importance as to why you should learn its […]

What is a Conversion Therapy?

Conversion therapy has been on and off in the news. The controversy that comes along with it affects people from all walks of life. To people who are against the LGBTQ+ community, it’s a blessing. For LGBTQ+ individuals, it’s an attack and a curse. To scientists, it’s debunked and passe. However, it’s still better to […]

The Beginner Trans Ally Guide

Everyone has experienced being a neophyte and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being one. Just your desire to be a trans ally alone is already a success and warrants a celebration. However, if you truly want to embody an ally and be more purposeful to transgender people, keep reading. This guide wasn’t created to attack […]

Planning a Transgender Wedding

Getting married is a common dream for most women whether they’re transgender or not. There are many types of weddings but today, we’re going to focus on how to plan a transgender wedding as a trans woman. Please know that this guide was not created to divide individuals of different genders and sexual orientations. This […]

The World’s Most LGBT friendly Countries

You may be thinking of traveling or you just want to escape from the toxicity against LGBT individuals in your country right now. No matter what your reason is, there’s always an answer, and today, you’re going to figure out the world’s most rainbow-friendly countries. Please know that this guide was not created to attack […]

Why Transgender Names are Vital for a Trans Individual?

Transgender names can be very tricky most especially if legalities are involved. A transgender person must assess theirs completely before taking the jump. To some, choosing a name can be quite exciting. It’s like picking a baby name or a pet name. However, to a transgender person, it’s more complicated because it’s what’s going to […]

The science behind Transgender

In 2021, transphobia still exists and it’s still quite rampant wherever you go. This goes as far as to debunk transgenderism with anti-scientific sentiments mostly coming from ultra-religious people equating trans people with spawns of the devil. In today’s topic, we’re going to discuss the science behind transgender people and transgenderism. This guide wasn’t created […]

What’s the difference between Gender and Sex?

We’ve seen and heard gender and s*x often being intertwined and sadly, mistaken as the same thing. However, there’s a fine line in the difference between s*x and gender. It’s time to dispel the common notions that people have with these two words. In today’s world, it’s vital to know s*x vs. gender in order […]