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Category: Informational

The Happiness brought upon by Gender Euphoria

Many studies talk about how gender dysphoria causes transgenderism. But today, we’ll be discussing something that has not so much stemmed from scientific studies, but a feeling that many individuals from the trans society share, gender euphoria. Before we get to the nitty-gritty of the gender euphoria definition, understanding what dysphoria and euphoria mean will […]

Trans Feminists and Trans-inclusive Feminists

It seems like there’s a new movement happening every day and if you’re someone who’s into humanitarian causes, it can get easily confusing. There’s a paradox of causes and fights to support and people tend to overlook the fact that not all of these are actually helpful in achieving the goal of achieving equality and […]

Do Transgender Women get Periods?

Menstruation is a common occurrence in cisgender women. People commonly associate periods with having a vagina. Nowadays, transgender women have access to gender reassignment surgery. And many people are curious whether red days come along with a trans woman’s neovagina. But before we proceed in answering this question, let’s first discuss what exactly menstruation is […]

What is gender-neutral and inclusive language?

It seems like the buzz words within the LGBTQIA+ community for over a year now are gender-neutral language, gender-neutral pronouns, and gender-inclusive language. A lot of you may be confused because the semantics seem to keep piling on top of each other when the 22nd century arrived. But if you have 5 minutes to spare […]

The Facial Feminization Surgery FFS Guide

If you’re a transgender woman, you may have heard about facial feminization surgery (FFS). Others call it FFS surgery while some refer to it simply as FFS. No matter what you call it, it’s one of the most integral parts of surgical male-to-female transitioning. If you’re interested in facial feminization, keep reading.

Transgender Sports and the Athletes

Since time immemorial, sports have been part of the global culture. Most people participate in sports as a hobby while some, for professional reasons. In most sporting activities, competition exists. Along with this competition are winners, runner-ups, and various placements.

Can a Trans Woman Get Pregnant?

Many people who are not adept with transgender and gender identity terminologies often get confused. Added to that confusion comes the question of the existence of a pregnant transgender woman. For you to have a better understanding of today’s topic, you first must have an idea of the basic transgender terminologies.

Why TERF is Harmful to Transgender Women?

If you have been following the news about the movement or welfare of transgender women, you may have stumbled upon the term TERF. This term has been quite popular and has been linked to many personalities in the entertainment industry. However, this term has negative connotations to it. If you are a transgender woman, you […]

Gender Inclusive Housing for Transgender Teens in College

Studying in college is one of the most exciting and life-changing times in a teen’s life. Choosing a course, meeting new people, joining sororities and fraternities, and all of the other fun activities are all to say none the least, quite enticing. However, for a transgender teen who’s entering college, these thoughts can get complicated. […]

Trans Rights Around the World

The transgender movement has been making a lot of strides lately. However, there’s still a long way to go. The fight for equality, health care, dignity, and protection is still ongoing because globally, trans rights are still not accessible. To have a better understanding, this guide was created to inform you about the current status […]