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Saving transsexual women's dignity online

Maki Gingoyon
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What results do you usually receive every time you search for transsexuals, transwomen, transgenders or any keywords relating to it? Often you see that the first page of the results are filled with pornography and escort services. Try opening a site or two and you will be routed to a page/s showing  sexually explicit images. A dazzling word shemale on your screen with a couple of pornographic video clips. On on a separate page, you will be given a menu not for food, but for almost naked transsexual women and some are fully naked trans women, doing escort services.  A very good example to this are transsexual dating sites, which are commonly used as decent facade covering these dirty images. Worst transgender dating site it self advertised transsexual women as object of sexual fantasy. Are all these what defines a trans women? Of course not,but we know that people tend to believe what they see online. Which somehow leads the public to generalize transgender women as sexual fantasy and only for hooks ups. Do we still have dignity left out of this? As a woman? as a human being?

Alright let us cut the crap and admit it! Yes we are an object of sexual fantasy. And websites offering shemale pornography and escort services are there, and there is nothing much that we can do about it. It is so hard to change nor to stop it. However despite of dirty images, we trans women are strong enough to fight against this stereotype and save our dignity. I believe that unforgiving critics and unfair generalizations should not be tolerated. We should not accept that the images that they see on the internet is the only basis to define our being. Transgender women are not just sex objects nor women who are only for hook ups and we must prove them wrong! The basis to generalized transsexual women should not be about these sexually explicit images.  There are genetic women in prom movies and escort services sites yet they are not generalized as such.  Women comes in different kinds and so as transgender women. There are a lot of transsexual women who are living like other cisgender women do. Transgender women with a decent work like a nurse, therapist, doctor and other medical work related. Other teach in the university and some are business owners. Not to mention the world of fashion has been invaded by beautiful transsexuals women too. Leah T, Isis king are one of the few names the made a mark as a model. Transsexual women who have decent jobs need to be seen by the society.  And this can surely help save our dignity and gain the respect that we are asking for. Like transgender women from USA organized various of groups to let people be aware about our decent existence. Developing transgender women to a more empowered individuals with a help of trans advocate and trans organization is a big factor too. Not to mention that promoting awareness of our human rights is a big role played by LGBT Organizations. And I also believe that the way we present our selves to the public and they way we carry our selves has also a big impact in saving our dignity.

Our individual growth as a transsexual women is not the only one benefited from saving our dignity. But men who are are attracted and interested to date with a transsexual are also benefactors. Saving our dignity save men from  the public’s cruel judgement that they received. Although there are a lot of men who want to date trans women most of them are scared and ashamed. The media already tattooed a dirty image of transsexuals and that is the reason they are ashamed. And commonly utilized as a perfect tool to advertise pornography and transsexual women escort services are the transgender dating sites. However what they see online and what is depicted on most websites will surely be eradicated when a man sees a dignified transsexual women.  We may not be able to change how media is showing transsexuals women but saving our dignity will definitely give them a reason not to generalize transgender women.

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Maki Gingoyon
Mabuhay! I am a Filipino transgender woman who believes that making friends with, or dating and loving a transgender woman should not be ashamed of.

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2 thoughts on “Saving transsexual women's dignity online

  1. Can you please remove the words “top” and “bottom” from the section about sexual role on the lady’s profiles. Such words are associated with gay men and are offensive to many trans wome..

    1. I think it’s needed to put in every website of relationship, not only Website for transsexuals women.
      Because it’s a important information for dating. How you will have a relationship with a person that have a sexualitty diferent of yours? It not works! This avoid problems!
      This is what I think!
      Someone agree with me?
      Kisses =***

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