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Beauty Tips for Trans Women from My Transgender Date COO

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Inspiration comes from many places. However, when it comes to transitioning and beauty, we need something more concrete and relatable. Are you a transgender woman who has lost your confidence in the dating world or life in general?

If so, it’s time to get to know more about Miss Maki Gingoyon. She’s the Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer of My Transgender Date and she also happens to be a former beauty queen who won in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines for transgender women, Super Sireyna.

Looks and Maintenance

In this online interview, Miss Maki graciously answered a series of questions that relate to transgender women. This section will tackle the physical aspect of a trans woman more.

Looks and Maintenance

What are the things you do to stay in shape?

Maki:I used to be an athlete back in my elementary days and I hate it. To be honest, I don’t like to do track and field. I was a runner and a jumper back then and I never loved it. It’s just that my physical education teacher saw my potential, and so I gave it a shot.

I don’t like it in the first place because I don’t like to grow masculine features—like muscles, and the like. However, fast-forward to when I was 21 years old, I joined beauty pageants and I researched more on how to join beauty pageants, and apparently, exercises are a very important aspect of being a beauty queen.

So I revisited those exercises when I was an athlete and I fell in love with running and from there, I ventured more into different kinds of exercises such as muscle-strength training—and so it just goes on and on but the most I love is running and that’s how I keep in shape.

What are your typical diets or food habits?

Maki:Before the pandemic, I was very strict with my vegetarian diet. After the pandemic hit, I had to adjust and I have to make sure that I am mentally well. Apparently, food gives me comfort when I’m not feeling good. I used to be a full vegetarian but now, I’m a semi-vegetarian—which means I eat vegetables most of the time, but when I want to eat meat, I will eat meat especially at these times of the pandemic.

But there was a point in my life where I actually gained weight especially after my breast augmentation surgery and motorbike accident—like 10 kilos and it was very hard for me to go back to my strict diet. Now, I found out that intermittent fasting really helps and currently, I’m doing it. That’s like, 12-14—max is 16 hours of fasting.

I do eat semi-vegetarian these days. My food selection varies but I eat oats to break my fast.”

Please tell us about your Skincare, Teeth Care, and Hair Care


Maki: “Skincare… that’s actually one of my insecurities because I am not blessed by the gods with a very beautiful flawless skin. I do have breakouts from time to time and in fact, I still have obvious acne scars. However, the best skincare is to wash your face regularly, moisturize, and sunblock—my hormone replacement therapy has helped me maintain a glowing skin.

Teeth Care

Maki: I love my teeth so bad! I visit my dentist regularly and recently, I had my veneers done. They’re composite veneers and they are done by Smile Professionals—by Dr. Christian Moscoso here in Cebu, City. I visit them every 6 months. I also brush my teeth regularly.

Here’s the thing, I also don’t use toothpaste all the time—for some weird theory that I do have that I don’t like to use toothpaste all the time.

But I do brush my teeth with a toothbrush and water and that’s just it. It might be gross for somebody else but it works for me.


Maki: I don’t have that very natural shiny straight sleek black hair. I recently dyed my hair and I love it so much. Thanks to Philip+Cotton, Philip & Co. salon here in Cebu City.

I don’t wash my hair every day—maybe every other day. Sometimes, I only wash them twice or three times a week. It’s really good if you want to let your natural oils come out.

What You Must Do

From this interview with Miss Maki Gingoyon, we have learned that she incorporates a lot of balance in her life. She knows what she must and must not do and she listens to what her body is telling her.

What You Must Do

For you to achieve your goals, whether it be transitioning or changing your lifestyle, YOURSELF always comes first. Added to that, a little discipline and motivation won’t hurt.

Your Goal

If it’s losing a couple of pounds or being stronger, you must determine what your goals are and stick to them. Having an idea of where you want to be will give you a clearer path to take.

Discipline and Maintenance

Having goals are great but without ample discipline and determination, you’ll never achieve them. Like Miss Maki, she maintains her looks by disciplining herself and ensuring that she is not neglecting her well-being.

Beauty routines and regular visits to specialists will also greatly help you achieve your beauty goals. Remember ladies, if you take care of yourself enough, men will feel embarrassed to not treat you like the queen you are.

If you value yourself enough, they will have no other choice but to do the same as well.

Tailor-made Routines

The best beauty secret advice can only be given by yourself. Many people say to do this and do that, but Miss Maki listens to her body and she knows her limitations.

Get to know your body more and nourish it with what it needs. We are all uniquely beautiful and you must do the things that you can without feeling like you’re restricting yourself.

Remember, you will find your true beauty once you accept who you are—flaws and all.

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