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Resolving LDR Fights

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Dating in the time of COVID-19 is a challenge. It’s also made even more so if you’re in a long-distance relationship. This is especially hard for couples who only get to meet once or twice a year and have been stopped from traveling for more than a year.

If you’re in an LDR, keep reading.

Possible Scenarios

Before knowing the possible solutions, you have to assess your current stage. In this section, common scenarios of why couples in an LDR fight, will be listed. Look what you relate to the best.

Possible Scenarios


This is quite common for couples who have not met in person yet. The lack of touch mostly results in insecurity and lesser accountability. Touch is quite important to a lot of people looking for love. The saying “seal it with a kiss” wasn’t invented for no reason.

Both parties or one, couldn’t care less and why inconsistency is rampant in LDRs. However, if you’ve lived with your partner for quite some time and you’ve just been separated, a major underlying issue may be present.


Many people feel jealous even outside an LDR. But in the latter’s type of partnership, jealousy is magnified. Because one doesn’t constantly know where the other is, their mind is occupied with negative imaginations.

If you’re the type of person who gets easily jealous, you will have a hard time being in a long-distance relationship.

Lack of Touch

In connection with consistency, the reason why touch has a hold (pun intended) on one is that it’s a tangible memory that a person could learn to crave. A person’s touch is stored in our brains and why separation after the meeting, can be harder before meeting in person.

Chatting Vs. Talking

In connection with touch, there are words. But even if the semantics are linear in meaning, the delivery can play a big factor. Many times, we tend to misinterpret what another person’s sending us through chat.

Written words do not give the same immersion that the voice provides. They also don’t provide as much clarity as to the sound. You may reply “okay” with no intention of being cold to a question or a request. But the receiver may think that you’re “okay” text back is coming from a passive-aggressive disposition.

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Ways to Resolve Them

Lucky for you, there are many ways to resolve these petty online fights. Your relationship should not suffer just because of miscommunication. If you want to salvage the love you have, keep reading.

Ways to Resolve Them

Time Management

Little tweaks to one’s time management skills can result in drastic changes. If your partner is bad at doing this, teach them how to do so. But don’t be too overbearing with it. Not all people appreciate being instructed like they’re idiots.

Added to that, before you impose a conversation schedule, you first must do your feasibility study. Don’t expect your partner to talk to you for three hours a day if they have 2 jobs and work from Monday to Saturday.

Making this work will highly depend on your understanding of how the both of you live your lives. Added to that, some people have to not only consider the distance, but also the time zone. The bottom line is, you must be empathetic before drafting your plans with them.


The most important factor in making a long-distance relationship work is trust. Without it, the relationship is doomed to fail. Nothing is more annoying than being accused of infidelity on a daily basis after only being late to do a Facetime conversation for about ten minutes.

Not everyone is okay with being chastised like a child because they accidentally fall asleep after a long day at work and forgetting to call. Justifying going somewhere to relax on a weekend can become routinely annoying. If you cannot provide trust or your partner can’t, you’re better off separating.

Always make sure to provide your utmost trust when you love a person. But don’t be stupid to the point of giving your partner multiple passes if they’ve hurt you in different ways and at different times already.

Keeping Busy

For you to not live in constant paranoia, you must keep yourself busy. This is the easiest way for your vacant waking hours to avoid being occupied with negative energy. Here’s a list of what you can do to get busy:

  • Find a hobby
  • Read a book
  • Finish a video game
  • Watch movies
  • Paint your city
  • Discover your talents
  • Start gardening
  • Create an online business and more

Avoid Triggers

Some people start a fight out of inspiration. This means that you’re consuming negative content or getting too involved with the drama of your friends. Because your life is getting a bit boring, you’re manifesting others’ problems in your life.

If you find yourself being too affected by what’s happening in flicks or other people you know, it’s time to avoid them. Always surround your thoughts with positivity and purpose. Instead of putting the blame on your partner or your relationship’s situation, find ways to make your LDR more exciting.


Lastly, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, always choose to do a Voice Call or Video Call. Doing so will mitigate the loneliness of separation and won’t give you any ideas on how your partner’s feeling from the other side of the world.

Instead of settling for ten vague text backs in 24 hours, why not listen and speak. Doing so will give you more opportunities to truly express how you feel and absorb what your partner’s truly feeling.

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The first decent dating site for trans women & gentlemen
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