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“MTD is a great dating site. The site is easy to navigate and the job that the entire MTD family do is superb, whether it's answering questions or the vetting process of prospective members. I’ve been on and off for approximately 4 years, and I truly believe I will meet the right Lady for me on MTD.”

Brian, United States

“You are immediately impressed with the sincerity of the co-founder Maki. She puts forth a tremendous effort to make you feel that you are in a family of people who really want to make everyone’s life better. The overall experience is absolutely spectacular and will leave you thinking about how to make the most of the extraordinary possibilities that this dating site offers. 😄”

Michel, France

“I am very happy on this serious dating site with nice and respectful people. It has allowed me to meet serious men with a desire to truly find their lifelong partner. And I have been lucky to find the person who will be my future partner. My most sincere congratulations to the administrators and continue as you are doing.”

Brigitte, Peru

“I just want to say thank you so much for creating all this! Many dating platforms make me feel so alien, but this website felt like a red carpet was rolled out for all those to be themselves. Thank you so much! Keep up the amazing work 😊❤”

Ceres, United Kingdom

“Thank you for this site, really good 💕”

Cherchaya, Thailand

“The site is well done, the customer support is efficient, the info and safety advice are pertinent... All the fake profiles are banned... It’s possible to find your someone special, altho it is more difficult abroad (it requires patience and persistence)... Nowadays many sites are infested with fake profiles, here we are protected :)”

(Originally posted in: French)

Bruno, France

“Rest assured that there is nothing or no one who can ever tarnish the reputation that I hold of this site. I’m grateful to you and your team for giving us a chance to find someone who we can love and be loved in return. Thank you! 😊”

Hart, Philippines

“I can honestly say there is no better dating site for trans women! It doesn’t matter if you are post op or pre op like myself the men here are great! It’s nice to not have to explain things to every man or worry about judgement or over reaction from people who don’t understand! Its been great fun, being here, my dating life has never been better! Highly recommended!”

Harriet, United Kingdom

“I was told by some friends that at least for a fun and dating perspective this site was a good start since the men here at least want and understand trans women! I'm also pleased to say having now been on here a while my friends were right, I have spoken with so many nice men and met some wonderful and supportive guys on some very fun dates!”

Jenny, United Kingdom

“Awwee thank you so much for creating a platform where trans woman like me get to be themselves while looking for true love.”

Regina, Philippines

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