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My Transgender Date is the leading dating platform for transgender women and trans oriented men looking for love, available in 11 languages with members in 190 countries.

The platform stands out for the quality of the interactions that its members make every day, and the high standards that the 24/7 moderation team maintains.

It also aims to break stereotypes, normalise transgender relationships and spread the message that love knows no gender.


My Transgender Date was founded in 2013 by French entrepreneur Cyril Mazur and Filipino beauty queen Maki Gingoyon.

Maki and Cyril were both unimpressed with the current online dating experience for transgender women and the men who like them, so they founded My Transgender Date in order to empower every transgender woman to lead a more fulfilling love life.

As of 2022 there are 20 team members working on My Transgender Date, most of them are transgender women.

Key facts

25 million page views per month

1.5 million profiles created worldwide

50,000 monthly active users

160 million messages sent (80,000 per day)

500+ new daily sign ups


2013 Launching of My Ladyboy Date (

2014 Launching of My Transsexual Date (

2015 Both sites become available in 9 languages

2017 500,000 profiles created

2020 1 million profiles created

2021 My Transsexual Date is now called My Transgender Date (

2022 My Ladyboy Date is merged into My Transgender Date


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Success stories

Marc (from Germany) and Lorren (from the Philippines) met on My Transgender Date in 2013, they are now happily living together in Melbourne, Australia. See photo.

You may read more success stories on this page and this one.


A transgender woman (also called trans woman, transsexual woman, male-to-female transsexual) is a woman who was assigned male at birth. In other terms, a transgender woman was born in a man's body but identifies herself as a woman, and usually undertakes to transform her body to make it match with her gender identity.

A trans oriented man (also called trans attracted) is a man who is romantically attracted to transgender women.

Ladyboy is a colloquial term employed mainly in Thailand, the Philippines and other South East Asian countries to refer to transgender women.

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User reviews

Our obsession for providing the highest quality of service to our members has not gone unnoticed, and the reviews on Trustpilot can testify of it:

Press releases

Removal of the “Facebook Login” functionality

Because of Facebook’s increasing problems and unrealibility, we decided to remove the “Facebook Login” (aka ”Log in with Facebook”) functionality from our website. All members who use “Facebook Login...

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My Ladyboy Date is merged into My Transgender Date

In order to focus our efforts and always deliver the best to our members, we decided to “retire” My Ladyboy Date and merge it into My Transgender Date. Starting March 2022, the webs...

Read press release

My Transsexual Date is now called My Transgender Date

In order to server our members better, we decided to change our name to **My Transgender Date** and our URL to **** In 2021, it has become clear that an increasing majority of t...

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We have a new logo (2020)

My Ladyboy Date / My Transsexual Date have a new logo in 2020! Our new logo was designed by French designer Aurélien Sesmat. He was naturally inspired by the previous logo and kept the heart (obvious...

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Normal operations during the COVID-19 crisis

As many people are stranded at home, we know they will turn to the Internet to maintain the social bond, and online dating plays an important role in this. That’s why we want to reassure our members t...

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Our website is now available in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)

My Ladyboy Date / My Transsexual Date was already available in Simplified Chinese (localized for Mainland China) since 2015. As of today, it is now also available in Traditional Chinese (localized for...

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