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Trans meetups in Phoenix, AZ

Bright and sunny Phoenix is a great place to visit any time of the year. It’s got 330 days of sunshine which is the best weather if you want to explore Arizona’s desert playground. Buy that’s not the only great thing about Phoenix. It’s one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the United States. In fact, Phoenix earned a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s 2021 Municipal Equality Index Scorecard. This city has a strong LGBT community and is a great place to meet trans-oriented men and trans women.

Getting to know trans women in Phoenix

Trans women in Phoenix are outspoken and expressive just like many trans women in the United States. In fact, LGBT rights in Arizona are quite liberal compared to states like Texas and some parts of Florida. This makes the quality of life much better than in many states.

Trans woman from Phoenix
Trans woman from Phoenix –

Trans women in Phoenix can legally change their gender, be in relationships, and get married. Though there are instances of discrimination, there aren’t many. So trans-oriented men who want to meet trans women in Phoenix should be ready to date someone amazing!

Meeting places in Phoenix

There aren’t any trans-specific places in Phoenix. But, there are LGBT bars you can always pay a visit to and try your luck. We say try your luck here because you could end up with a very diverse crowd. Here are some of the places we recommend when you are in Phoenix.

Karamba Nightclub

Are you looking for a high-energy environment? Karamba Nightclub is the right place for an exciting party. They’ve got Latin DJ tunes, themed nights, and drag shows. It’s a popular gay dance club that brings in LGBT patrons. You’re definitely going to meet someone interesting and fun in this party atmosphere.

Karamba Nightclub
Karamba Nightclub – Facebook @karambaphx



Dancing and alcohol are always a fun combination. Here at Plazma, you’re sure to have a good time. It’s a cool hangout that brings in LGBT bargoers. You can chat with new people over drinks. They have performances by drag queens. They also have multiple plasma TVs that show cool videos and movies. By the end of the night, you’re sure to have made a friend or meet a lover.

Plazma – Facebook @tncaplazma


Stacy’s at Melrose

Stacy’s is a bar for everyone. They don’t discriminate against LGBT. They welcome allies and straight people. In other words, everyone is welcome! They have food and drinks too. But what makes this place great is the crowd that’s there. There are a variety of patrons which means you can meet and mingle with other singles!

Stacy – Facebook @StacysatMelrose


Trans dating made easy in Phoenix

Have you looked all over the internet for a partner? What if you can just find your dream trans-oriented man or trans woman near you? This doesn’t have to be just a dream with My Transgender Date.

My Transgender Date homepage
My Transgender Date homepage

Sure, you could always meet people organically at a bar. But it could all be just trial-and-error to meet a trans woman or a trans-oriented man.

On My Transgender Date you can choose who you want to talk to and meet.You don’t even have to mention that you’re trans or trans-oriented. Our community already knows! So that’s one thing out of the way. This site was made to make trans dating in Phoenix quick and easy.

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Famous trans woman in Phoenix: Monica Jones

Like many other places in America, trans women have the opportunities to thrive. There are trans women who have pioneered in their field and succeeded. Their success also paves the way for others.

Monica Jones
Monica Jones –

Monica Jones is the founder and CEO of The Outlaw Project. The project prioritizes leadership for marginalized groups’ rights. She gained national attention when she was arrested under Arizona’s “manifesting prostitution” law.

She fought against that law deeming it discriminatory which led to her victory. Monica Jones won the SPARK! Authentic Life Award in 2015. She continues to engage with students at universities regarding critical issues on the transgender experience.

Transgender Organization in Phoenix: Trans Spectrum of Arizona

The organizations below are non-profit support or social groups for transgender individuals in Phoenix. These organizations focus on educating and bringing awareness of trans issues. They also have events that trans and non-binary individuals can join.

Trans Spectrum
Trans Spectrum – Facebook @transspectrumaz

Trans Spectrum of Arizona is a Phoenix-based organization that supports transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive individuals and their allies through community services. The organization seeks to celebrate these individuals and give them free access to community support resources.


The best trans dating site online

Before 2013, there were no decent trans dating sites. My Transgender Date has been a pioneer in the industry. Since then, many other trans dating sites have popped up. But what makes our site the best one on the internet?

Maki with the moderation team
Maki with the moderation team –

Our site is dedicated to making trans dating a safe and decent space. We also aim to destigmatize trans relationships. Here, we’ve proved that love is indeed very real and we can find it for you.

Our team of trans women knows what trans women and trans-oriented men need in a dating site. That’s why when you sign up with us, you’ll meet a community that’s welcoming and respectful. Our moderators keep our site safe so you won’t have to worry about anything else but dating!

Our testimonials prove that we can indeed make your dream relationship come true. So fast-track your journey to finding love in Phoenix by signing up with us now!

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