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Dating After Heartbreak Recovery

Everyone heals from heartbreak at some point in their lives. However, healing does not guarantee one’s confidence to try again. Some people get traumatized after a breakup and the healing process. This makes them avoid love altogether.

Are you at the point of your life whereby something inside you is saying yes yet another thought is pulling you back? Are you afraid of trying because of the possibility of another bad breakup? If so, keep reading.

Your State

Before getting back in the game, you must first assess your state. If it’s not ready for the impending challenges, you must stop. However, it’s not easy to fully know if you’re indeed ready. This is why you must have a guide.

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Your mindset is an important factor to know if you’re ready for love. If it’s not ready, you’re just going to wind up losing again. Heartbreaks should serve as lessons, not BDSM floggers.

Don’t willingly punish yourself again.

The fastest way to know if you’re mental state for love is up to par is simply by having no doubts. If there are no nagging thoughts that are holding you back from loving again, you’re mentally ready.

To make this easily relatable, try going down memory lane. Do you remember the feelings that you had before your first romantic relationship?

If so, you’re going to realize that it’s filled with optimism and affirmations. A person who knows they’re ready for love is a person that will dive without overthinking things.


Some transgender women enter a relationship not knowing that they’re going to be subject to domestic violence. If you’re one of them, you have to take your time. You have to understand that everything that encompasses your being is special. Do not take yourself for granted.

Now, if you’re suffering from insecurities, this is not the best time for a relationship yet. Different men have different types, there’s surely someone for everyone. However, the fact that some people have self-inflicted insecurities can’t be discounted.

Everyone has insecurities but not everyone has accepted their flaws yet. If you’re not mature enough to know that perfection doesn’t exist, you are not ready for love.

However, if you belong to the few that are aware of their insecurities and are doing something about them, take your time. As long as you have a clear direction and you’re implementing your plans, you’ll be ready soon enough.


Now that the other bases have been covered, it’s time to get to the heart of the problem. Your emotional state is the core in knowing your readiness for love. If you have healed enough to know that another breakup is possible… and you are ready for that repercussion, it’s time to get back in the game.

Why You Want To Try Again

Intentions are important to determine when it comes to falling in love again. If you don’t have valid reasons to get back in the game, you shouldn’t. Thinking about love is way different from being in love.

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This is probably one of the worst reasons to be in a relationship. The reason being is because with loneliness comes desperation. The worst time to look for a boyfriend is when you are feeling desperate. You will probably end up being used and abused (not in a sexy way).


Relationships are not cool trends. Not because everyone around you has a boyfriend means you’re less valuable than they are. Peer pressure, envy, and self-deprecating memes shouldn’t inspire your quest for love.

When you’re single, you have the luxury to design your life. Have this mindset instead of being green with envy from other people’s relationships.


If you’re looking for a boyfriend to secure your future, you’re never going to be happy. Cinderella is a fairytale, you shouldn’t model your life from it. Added to that, you’re going to achieve more if you have full control of your life. Just imagine the possibilities of taking the wheel!


Now this one is the most exciting part of being in a relationship again. Your driving force to be in one should only be LOVE. If it’s not, the relationship will most likely fail.

What You Should Have

If you’ve assessed yourself successfully and know that you’re ready, it’s time to be geared. Without having these fundamentals, your next relationship probably won’t be your endgame.

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Before saying yes to being someone’s girlfriend, you must take precautions. Don’t go for the first bidder. Always have a mindset to protect yourself. Only spend your time with men who are doing the most in getting to know you. Always look for their effort, consistency, and patience.


Lastly, if you don’t have self-worth, everything that you’ve learned today will go to waste. It’s not enough to just have a mitigating mindset, you must also know and feel that within yourself that you are WORTHY of love.

Never be desperate if you find someone who “checks all the boxes”. Remember, a stranger can’t fit your ideal man. You don’t know this person yet. Only desperate women will think that they’ve found the one within five seconds.

To easily establish your self-worth, you must keep in mind that you’re the prize. No matter what happens, don’t be the one who’s too adamant in making a relationship happen.

Have a single but dating mindset and try getting to know multiple guys at the same time. This does not entail that you would sleep with all of them. You’re a prize, not a freebie.

My Transsexual Date Account

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