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10 Things To Never Compromise as a Trans Woman

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Dating shouldn’t be complicated because after all, it’s participated by people who are looking for love. However, it’s not always the case. Many use dating for their selfish ulterior motives which result in many heartbroken transgender women.

If you don’t want to be one of these victims, it’s smart to know what you should never compromise. Knowing these will automatically turn you into someone who has self-worth and you’ll be able to repel most men who don’t have your best interest.

1. Gender Identity

Your gender identity is sacred and should be only defined by you. You should never let other people take that away from you just for them to be happy. Remember, if you truly want to live life as a woman, you should go for it. Life’s too short to be living through the grasps of others.

Gender identity

There should be no delays or flipping of the switch involved. Own your womanhood and don’t let others influence your future just to serve their archaic and selfish desires. Yes, you will be disappointing or letting some people down if you choose to live your truth, but that’s such a small price to pay compared to living the rest of your life in misery and shoulda, woulda, couldas.

2. Dignity

This is more of trans women who are dating men who are only concerned about their perverted interests. Yes, because a lot of people think that dating trans women are taboo, a lot of men think that they’re going to get away with a lot because they expect trans women to play the role of what society has predisposed for them.


No, trans women are not to be dated to fulfill certain fantasies. They’re human beings who have feelings, thoughts, and boundaries. Don’t give in to every single request of a man just because they tell you they love you most especially if you’re feeling like your dignity is being compromised.

You don’t have to try all their favors because you owe these men NOTHING! Not to say that you have to be total vanilla in bed but you get the gist.

3. Integrity

If you have certain beliefs in different societal issues like trans rights, same-sex marriage, etc., and people around you say they “accept” you but they disagree on anything that would give you, a trans woman, equal rights with them, it’s time to cut the cord.

Don’t ever give up your integrity just to make other people happy. Especially those people who don’t know what it feels like to be a transgender individual. Fight a good fight and don’t just say yes because you’re trying to avoid heated discussions. Let them know the pain and lecture them all you want but never agree into allowing them to treat you a certain way because of your gender identity.

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4. Beliefs

To add more to the integrity section, beliefs further extend to faith. If you don’t have faith in yourself and your place in this world, you’ll never compel anyone to believe in you. This is why you must be very firm with what you believe in and never let anything influence you otherwise.

5. Worth

Now, whether you’re trailing the world of dating, creating a successful career, or cultivating friendships, you must never compromise your worth. Some trans women think that they owe people who link with them; the guy who chose to date them, the boss who hired them, and the friends who hang out with them.


Because a lot of trans women have experienced rejection, they have this notion of giving everything they have to let others know that they’re “worthy”. Once you depend and let other’s dictate your worth for you, that’s the time when you become worthless.

6. Transition

As a transgender woman, you will come across a lot of idiots who will give you their piece on how you should look to be “more feminine”. Some of them will say you should have bigger breasts, others will encourage you to get your hips and butt injected, and some will even invalidate your womanhood once you tell them that you have not gone through a gender reassignment surgery (GRS).

On the other hand, you will also come across men who will ask you to stop undergoing hormone replacement therapy and won’t support your decision to get a GRS because they want you to stay functional.

7. Happiness

Needless to say, whether you’re cis or trans, any human being should never compromise their happiness. The reason why this was listed is to remind you that there will be circumstances where your happiness will be forced to be in a grey area just because you love someone.

8. Heart

Because it’s just these days that transgender women are stepping out of the shadows, the bigotry of the past has dictated that dating trans women should only be done behind closed doors.


Many trans women were needlessly affected by this making them think that it’s tabooed to date them. This results in them, giving away their hearts too easily because they think that it’s rare to find a man who will take women like them seriously.

Nowadays, the tides have turned. You’re the prize honey. Don’t compromise your heart easily!

9. Career

Many people will underestimate you because of your gender identity. Prove them wrong and don’t let their sick thoughts color your dreams for you. Follow your heart and do what you want to do because we only live once. Don’t let them put you down just because they are short-sighted.

10.   Future

Now, for something that’s encompassing this whole guide, if you have a set goal for your future and you know what you want in life, don’t let anyone destroy it. Once you have this type of mindset, others will find it hard to penetrate your self-worth because your focus can’t be broken.


Keep pursuing your passions and keep being the person you want to be. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who can stop yourself.

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The first decent dating site for trans women & gentlemen
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    I read the article 10 THINGS TO NEVER COMPROMISE AS A TRANS WOMAN. I went to public school I only count 8. why? Jane
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