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Career Success Tips for Transgender Women

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Love is an important aspect of life. However, a career is equally important. If you have a successful career, your net will be wider. The number of men you will attract will increase. Think of it like how people think of beauty being a perk and an advantage when it comes to dating.

Why A Successful Career Helps Trans Women

Added to that, it’s not just about being attractive to men. It will also help build your foundation and help you easily live a “full life”. If you’re planning to reach your dreams, keep reading.

Proving Society Wrong

Up to this day, plenty of people still think that transgender women won’t be successful in life. It is an incorrect notion but is still somehow prevalent. Furthermore, many people think that trans women are undateable, not just because of their gender expression, but also because of what society thinks about them.

Proving Society Wrong

Many people still think up to this day that transgender women can only work in the entertainment and beauty industry. While there’s nothing wrong with those industries, their mindsets are incorrect.

Transgender women as of 2021 can be who they are in life. Gone are the days when they’re only expected to do your hair or work on the streets. They can now be doctors, politicians, lawyers, CEOs, etc.

Securing Your Future

A trans woman needs to secure her future. Many trans women are not open to adopting or raising children. Nobody’s going to take care of you when you reach a certain age. When you are financially secure, you will not be seen as a burden by your family and friends.

Securing Your Future

Please know that this is not to say that you’ll only take care of a child so that someone will take care of you when you’re old. But in reality, this is the norm and something to ponder on.

When you’re financially secure, you won’t have to ask for help from others to keep living in the future. You won’t have to do things that are too hard especially when you hit a reach a number just to survive while counting the days.

Not Depending Financially

In a relationship, the one who makes the money is usually the one who has the say. If you don’t depend on a man to survive, your self-worth will increase. You won’t have fears voicing out your opinions just because this man is providing for you.

Not Depending Financially

If he turns out to be a bad guy in the future, you don’t have to put up with him. You can easily leave him without wondering where you’re going to get your next meal or where you’re going to sleep.

Added to that, not all countries support trans-oriented marriages. This will give you the shorter end of the stick. Be very wise and always think five years ahead most especially if you’re entering a new relationship.

More Independence

If you have a successful career, you will be liberated. This does not mean that you should do whatever you please even if it hurts others in the process.

More Independence

What this means is that you will have more control over certain things like:

  • Decorating the house as you see fit when living in together with your partner
  • Unapologetically reprimand your partner if he’s treating you badly
  • Choosing terms and conditions of how you want your relationship to be
  • Only date the people you’re really attracted to
  • Not say yes all the time and more

Not Walking on Eggshells

All relationships experience disagreements and arguments. Whoever says that they’ve never experienced these with their partner is probably only dating for a week.

Not Walking on Eggshells

If your career is successful, they will listen more to you. People from all walks of life should be respected but the world is not a utopian planet. Successful people earn more respect and they are often heard and understood.

Your partner will have a very hard time belittling you if you have a successful career. Don’t give him the opportunity to do so.

How to Have a Successful Career

Ladies, it’s time to take action. Don’t worry, success is subjective. Not because this article writes success means that it can only be achieved once you make a million dollars. What this means is for you to have a stable life doing what you love and excel at.

How to Have a Successful Career

Where Are You now

You have to assess if you’re happy with your journey. Think of what route you’re trailing and confirm if you’re on the right track. If you know to yourself that you’re doing everything you can to get to your dreams, keep going.

What You Want

However, not everyone has already figured out what they want. To know this, the simplest way is to focus on the best option you want to become. Create a feasibility study and see if it can happen. If not, focus on the second-best option.

Your Skills and Talents

If you’re still confused, determine where you’re good at. List three of the best skills you have and think of what you can repeat doing for the rest of your life without getting bored.

Having this information will guarantee that you will excel in your next step. Remember, be very honest with yourself in determining these out.

Next Five Years

Now that you’re aware of what you can do, think of some milestones that you can achieve within five years. Take for example if you love painting. Below are some feasible milestones that you can achieve.

  • Create 100 paintings
  • Find 100 places to display your artwork
  • Contact 100 people who are in the business
  • Create an online store to sell your art, etc.


As long as you are healthy, strong, and positive, you can achieve everything that you put your mind to. Don’t underestimate yourself. Never settle for whatever you’re doing now if it’s not going to help you achieve your dreams in the future. Here’s to your successful career soon!

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