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Stages of Falling in Love in a Trans Dating Site

Have you ever been on a dating site and haven’t experienced falling in love with someone else from the other side of the screen yet? Do you often wonder if it is truly possible to fall in love with someone you haven’t met in person yet?

Today, we’re going to talk about the common stages of falling in love on a trans dating site. This will give you a better understanding of if the feelings you’ll be having in the future are what could take you out of singlehood.

1. You keep visiting their profile

One, two, or three times? Those are nothing. If you find yourself visiting the other person’s profile daily, you’re undeniably drawn to them. There’s no use in fighting this natural expression and manifestation of how you feel.

you keep visiting their profile

However, please know that this is not completely telling of whether you’re in love already but this is a good start. The reason why you keep doing this is not because you just want to look at their photos. You can easily take those and save them on your phone.

The indicator on whether they’re online or when their last login was is what you’re there for. It’s where you start formulating hypotheses on whether they’re actively chatting with other people or not.

2. Finding the need to delete both of your accounts from the site

Most people wanting to be in a relationship crave exclusivity, thus, the need to be “off the market” becomes the first major step that must happen. When you’re in love with someone, you’re not leaving any opportunities to like other people anymore. You’re just thinking about the person you’re in love with.

Moreover, if the two of you have a mutual understanding of taking the next step, it’s what kind of seals the deal. Technically, if you’ve confessed your feelings for each other, you have no reason to be in the market anymore.

3. Wanting to connect daily and see how the other is doing

Do you often want to know what the other person is doing? Are you flooded with thoughts of who they’re possibly talking to? Have they eaten yet? Did they sleep well? Are they meeting anyone today?

Wanting to connect daily

Those are just the starters. There’s an influx of questions that we have not included because this guide might turn into a long and winding holy scripture. You’ll also know if you’re in love if you’re not able to communicate with the other person in 24 hours.

You’ll start developing paranoia and negative feelings if the other person fails to report back to you within those 2 magical numbers.

4. Genuine concern about the other’s welfare

The shallow queries from section 3 can evolve to a deeper type of concern. Yes, this is the kind when you start worrying about their mental health and on whether or not they have peace of mind.

You’ll also start thinking of ways how to make the other person’s dreams come true. Because the 3rd section is all about the other person, it’s out of your control. But because you’ve fallen in love harder, you’re starting to empathize and involve yourself in his life.

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5. Getting jealous

According to Psychology Today,

Research has shown that jealousy can be a sign of feeling deeply in love with a partner. It may contribute to relationship satisfaction by signaling emotional commitment and investment. It may contribute to relationship stability by prompting partners to further nurture their bond and actively protect their union.

Getting jealous

For those who think that jealousy is not an indicator of whether a person is in love or not and that a relationship is healthier without it, they’re probably single. If they’re not, they’re probably settling with a person they’re really not in love with.

You see, when humans are in love, we get territorial. So if you feel a little bit jelly, you’re probably in love. But of course, too much of it will ruin you so proceed with caution.

6. Making plans for meeting up

Most of the time, couples who meet on dating sites spend a lot of money just to meet up. This is because if it was so easy to find a soulmate, one would easily meet one in a coffee shop in their respective neighborhoods.

Distance is the most common problem that people from online dating sites experience, and closing that gap entails costs of flights, hotel room bookings, vacation leave applications, and more.

To cut the story short, it’s not easy to meet up. And if both of you decide to do so, you’re probably in love.

7. Thinking of things that you’re willing to compromise to keep the relationship

This part is one of the hardest that long-distance couples go through. If one of you decides to give up their family, careers, friends… basically, their whole life for you, wow! That’s very telling of how deep the love is.

Thinking of things that you’re willing to compromise

It’s very obvious and undeniable. What the two of you have is no longer immature. It’s ripe to last a lifetime.

8. Letting go of bad habits for the other person

Smoking, excessive shopping, drinking, playing too much video games, gambling, partying in clubs, etc., are the common vices that most single people fall into. Not to say that single people’s lives are pointless or misguided.

Because it takes resources to make a life of two people in love happen and that the control and dominance are shared into 2 becoming 1, letting go of bad habits are also telling that one is really in love.

9. Constant self-improvement

Lastly, another stage of falling in love is the need for one to constantly improve. This is caused by fear of not wanting to lose the other in case a “better” person tries to get involved in the mix.

Yes, this may manifest in working out harder, improving one’s diet and lifestyle, grooming, etc.

Constant self-improvement

Now that you know all of the common stages, ask yourself, have you really never felt any of the 9 situations listed above? If so, you may really have not fallen in love in a trans dating site yet.

If you want to change that, you have to start creating a My Transgender Date account. It’s the first decent dating website for transgender women and the men who love them.

Did you enjoy reading this guide? Feel free to share it with your friends. Don’t forget to join the conversation by commenting your thoughts below.

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