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What Type of Man You Should be Dating as a Trans Woman

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

They say that when you finally find the one, all of your “ideals” go out of the window. But who’s to say that such a saying should apply to everyone. While it sounds extremely romantic, the reality is a lot of people choose their partners based on their types.

So if you’re the type of woman who’s still trying to discover yours, this guide may be helpful for you. Please know that this is just a fun quiz and it’s not meant to be a textbook of your dating life.

The Geeky Cutie

Starting strong with the geeky cutie. He’s the type who probably grew up in the 90s or 80s and still has an obsession with comic books, video games, anime, and more.

A Geeky Cutie

Participating in sports is probably not his idea of a fun time as he’d rather spend it trying to finish a mind-boggling adventure game. If you want to spend your weekends cuddling while watching English-subbed anime, find yourself a geeky cutie.

Mr. Nice Guy

Are you more into guys who can easily make friends with a lot of people? Do you often find yourself impressed when you see someone who knows how to treat people kindly from all walks of life?

If so, maybe Mr. Nice Guy’s for you. However, if you’re the jealous type of trans woman, it’s best to avoid him because you will have a never-ending bout with envy from the extra attention he gives to others. Just to be clear here, you can’t be with Mr. Nice Guy unless you’re Ms. Nice Girl yourself.

The Knight in Shining Armor

Are you into handsome, fit, and brave men? Do you find yourself salivating when you read news about modern-day heroes with good looks to boot? What are you waiting for? It’s time to channel your inner damsel in distress and find yourself somebody who’s going to be there for you in your life’s most perilous adventures.

A Knight in Shining Armor

This doesn’t have to be uber dramatic. His form of being a knight in shining armor can also be through taking you to Krispy Kreme when you’re sad or rubbing your feet after a long day of work.

The Go-Getter

Do you take your career seriously and do you have a clear vision of where you want to end up in your company? Do you think that work-life balance articles are just something that you read while in line for your dentist’s appointment and that those guides are mere entertainment for you?

If so, you need to be with someone who’s also on the same level. Trans women who are attracted to men who are successful in their careers are usually the ones who are also wanting a slice of theirs. They’re not gold diggers.

You see, the difference between a gold digger and a go-getter is that the former couldn’t care less about how the man gets the money and the latter is more interested in KNOWING how the man gets the money and is truly in awe about the process.

Retired Playboy

Let’s face it, in this life, many trans women are still attracted to playboys. They have this notion of wanting to be with someone who everybody wants. They’re attracted to the charm, the glory, and the seduction.

a retired Playboy

A lot of them are also fools and think that they could tame someone’s playboy nature. But if you want a playboy without necessarily having to endure the infidelity, you should look for a retired playboy instead.

Dating one would still give you that excitement because you know what he’s capable of. But it will also give you a sense of security if you genuinely believe that he has truly reformed.

Prince Charming

He doesn’t have to have blue blood but you’re so into men who come from an esteemed family. You’re into someone dashing, gentlemanly, and equipped with hundreds of years of pedigree.

However, bagging a prince charming means that you also know how to play your cards well. Think of Rachel Chu in Crazy Rich Asians. Just a little warning, dating a guy of this caliber, most especially if he’s in his 20s or 30s will involve a lot of drama.

And attracting someone like this guy means that you have to undergo a tedious transformation. Yes, you have to invest in your looks, education, manners, and more!

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Cool as Ice

“I want to be with someone who’s bad to everyone else and is only good to me.” Says the girl who’s into a nonchalant bad boy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

This type of thinking will be the start of every single trans woman’s downfall.


Yes, it’s okay to be with a cool guy but you have to be prepared to know that you’re the one who’s gonna do a lot of the courting in this type of relationship. Whereas, if you just select a man who’s more into you, the journey will be less tiresome.

But going back to the topic, yes, a man like this can be melted. Time is your complete enemy here. If you have enough patience, go for it!

Mr. Olympian

Are you into the healthy lifestyle movement and do you take your health and fitness very seriously? If so, you can’t have a partner who prefers a more laid-back lifestyle.

Don’t settle for anything less. You’ll thank yourself later on in life if you really went for somebody who shares the love for exercise as you do.

The Don

Galas, charity events, fundraisers, auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, Hermes Birkin and Kelly, Chanel Classic Flaps, mansions, yachts, sports cars, maids, chauffeurs, and the list is endless.

The Don

Are you dreaming of living like a literal QUEEN? Well, it’s either you start working your ass off or start transforming yourself into what a don would like. He is harder to attract because, unlike Prince Charming, he’s the one who has the money and is in control of the finances.

In short… he’s the one making the decisions!


Now, if none of the superficial things matter and you’re only truly looking for somebody who will accept and understand you for who you are and love you unconditionally, you must look for the one.

What’s the secret to attracting him?

Create a My Transgender Date account first of all! It’s the first decent dating website for transgender women and men. The next step is to have PURE intentions. If you’re active in getting to know the men on the site, you’ll find THE ONE eventually.

Good luck!

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The first decent dating site for trans women & gentlemen
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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Amanda Valentine is a transgender woman who has written about trans topics for over 10 years for My Transgender Date. She is an author who made it on Amazon’s best-seller list by writing 5 books on trans women’s relationships. Her book “Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen” peaked at #3 in the Transgender Studies category on Amazon. She started writing at the age of 10 and won a poetry contest in 4th grade which convinced her to pursue a career in literature. Her personal experiences as a transgender woman give her a unique perspective on trans topics.

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