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Top Discriminatory Scenarios that Trans Women Face

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Discrimination will continue to persist until the whole mainstream media and influencers stop creating twisted ideas of what’s acceptable or not. Added to that, parents who are still living based on archaic ideologies will continue planting seeds of hatred toward people who are different.

A lot of people don’t empathize with marginalized individuals simply because they have no interest or don’t have any idea, about what trans women go through. This is why this guide was created to enlighten everyone on how hard it is to live as a trans woman in the 22nd century.

1. Bathroom Conundrum

Have you ever been out with your friends or simply just out of your house and suddenly felt like your kidneys were going to explode? Some of you may have experienced peeing or pooping your pants because there’s no available bathroom closeby.

women and men Bathroom plate

It is indeed one of the worse feelings in the world. Now, relive that feeling and imagine being so close to a toilet bowl to do your business and someone stops you from using it because of how you dress or express yourself. Scratch that, imagine being blocked to go somewhere simply by living your truth and existing in this world.

2. School Uniform

Many high schools, even universities, don’t allow trans women to wear the uniform they’re comfortable wearing. They’re forced to wear traditionally male clothes because the institution still sees them as men.

Doesn’t it feel bad when all you want to do is finish your studies and people are harassing and restricting you just because you’re different? Added to that, even if one isn’t a trans person, what’s so wrong with a man wearing a skirt?

Why are other people so hung up on what others do with their bodies? Aren’t educators supposed to open the minds of their students and not curtail them from learning further?

Is keeping a certain image and pleasing the backward-thinking parents more important than helping the students become their best and most authentic selves?

3. School Haircut

Hair is part of one’s body and making someone get rid of it or fix it a certain way is enforced mutilation. Added to that, the biggest reason why trans people are not accepted in numerous societies is because of religion. Jesus Christ has uncut locks. A lot of cisgender heterosexual women rock pixie haircuts.


Why are schools equating having short hair as masculine? Going back to the topic, yes, many schools don’t allow trans women to grow their hair. If not, they’re not allowed to go to school and study.

4. Familial Rejections

Now, this is the heaviest load that a trans person can take. It’s also one of the biggest contributing factors as to why many trans women result to working in the adult industry. Nothing could hurt more than being disowned by your parents for living as a woman.

But to live a life based on how others perceive how your life should be is more detrimental. It’s a no-win situation and makes trans women just go on with their lives. Because a lot of them are forced out of the house at young ages, they have no choice but to make a living and feed themselves by any means.

Because working in the adult industry isn’t a crime and it is an industry that’s open to people from all walks of life, it comes as the most no-nonsense choice.

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5. Peer Rejections

A lot of trans women transition later in life. Because of this, many scenarios open up for peer rejection. For example, you’ve accumulated many friends over the years and have carried some of these relationships even from childhood. Then you come out, only to find out that many of them are not supportive of this decision.

Woman rejected

The pain that trans women experience from that scenario can be comparable to losing a family member.

On another note, some trans women find it hard to be in a group because a lot of cliques aren’t open to the idea of accepting a trans member. This one’s less painful but when it happens repeatedly, it can be damaging.

6. Crush Rejections

A lot of Super Straight individuals aren’t open to the idea of dating a trans person. They still don’t consider trans people to be of the gender that they identify with. A trans woman may be a really great catch but just because of her past, she still won’t stand a chance to be seen romantically by “super straight” people.

If a guy identifies as super straight, he will choose a cisgender woman who he doesn’t find attractive over a transgender woman whose his ideal type. It’s because to him, dating a trans woman will make him feel like he’s gay, and that’s the worst label that people could perceive him to be.

7. Fake Friends

Not to say that trans women can’t get real friends. But in reality, she will be warped into a group of fake friends most especially if she only associates with people who don’t belong to the LGBTQIA+ community.

fake friends

Even if her friends say that they “accept her for who she is”, as long as they don’t know how it feels like to be marginalized just because of gender identity or sexual orientation, they won’t be able to fully empathize.

This is often seen in differences between opinions when it comes to talks of the fight for equality.

8. Mandatory Secret Affairs

A lot of men with internalized transphobia who are into trans women romantically will impose mandatory secret affairs. Some trans women fall for this because the guise of love is too powerful to repel.

If you are a trans woman and a guy wants to keep you as his dirty little secret for reasons that are not lethal­­–and the repercussions are not impactful, you’re being discriminated against.

Sorry that you had to find out this way. But a mandatory secret affair is as good as falling for a non-commital person in a one-sided romance novel.

9. Experimental Relationships

The mandatory secret affair is very easy to spot. However, it becomes harder when you are dating a man who’s only in an experimental relationship with you. Yes, you may argue that all relationships are pseudo-experimental, but in this case, this type of experiment only often has a single hypothesis.

sad trans woman

These men will only string you along because they don’t know what they want yet. They will probably waste years of YOUR life. These men often end up in square relationships and start boring families and boring jobs like many other experimental men.

10. Career-oriented Scenarios

Lastly, one of the worst discriminatory experiences may come from work. A trans woman may be highly-educated and fit well for the job but because of her gender, she may not get hired. It’s too sad because the reason they’re often rejected is that it may make her colleagues uncomfortable.

Little do these people know, it’s their ignorance and stupidity that are making the world an uncomfortable place to live in, not just for trans people, but for everyone.

It’s sad because these companies are taking away the rights of trans women to make a decent living out of their capabilities and hard work.

Are you a transgender woman and you’ve experienced discrimination? Kindly join the conversation and comment on your experience below! Don’t forget to share this with everyone who matters.

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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Amanda Valentine is a transgender woman who has written about trans topics for over 10 years for My Transgender Date. She is an author who made it on Amazon’s best-seller list by writing 5 books on trans women’s relationships. Her book “Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen” peaked at #3 in the Transgender Studies category on Amazon. She started writing at the age of 10 and won a poetry contest in 4th grade which convinced her to pursue a career in literature. Her personal experiences as a transgender woman give her a unique perspective on trans topics.

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