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Saving Tips for LDR Couples

Money is the common culprit as to why some couples settle for a long-distance relationship. And having financial problems is not something that can easily be solved using a magic wand. If you’re in this type of relationship, you have to make sure that you’re doing all that you can to literally and figuratively take a step into closing the distance.

So what can you do to make this gap smaller? Well, there are several things but today, you’re going to know the most actionable and easy ones.

What Money Can Buy

Let’s not demonize money altogether. People always say that it’s the root of evil. But if you think in a more pragmatic way, it’s not. It can actually buy us many things that will make our lives happier and more comfortable.

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Visa Fees and Other Documents

If you’re dating someone from another country and you’re planning to get married or live together, money will really come in handy. Take for example someone from the USA and the other from the Philippines, the application fee for a US visa costs around $160.

That is only for applying and won’t guarantee that the person from the Philippines will be approved. If they get denied, you’ll have to spend another $160. This doesn’t include the other documents yet.

Living Together

If both of you don’t have the means, how will you live together? When will the long-distance relationship turn into actually growing old together? It’s just impossible. Now that you’re sharing a life together, the importance of financial security becomes more important.

Now that you live alone, you may be thinking that having money is not so much of an issue. But if you’re making more than the other person and they will most likely depend on you when you get together, you have to straighten your priorities.

Temporary Happiness While Apart

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you don’t have to equate it to a long time of endurance and suffering. Sometimes, you have to reward yourself and your patience to keep pushing towards your goal.

If you love to eat, splurge on a nice restaurant from time to time. If gaming gives you joy, buy something once every two months. Should fashion be a big factor in what provides you happiness, go buy that new bag or shoes. But remember, you can do these but only in moderation.


To further expound on the importance of this, you have to think of the other person’s shoe. Let’s say for example that you are making a significantly larger amount of income compared to your partner who lives in a country from Southeast Asia, of course, they’re going to worry about their security.

Because the money they can make will not translate well in where you live where the expenses are much higher, they’re going to feel a little bit scared if the finances are not enough.

What if the two of you break up? Will you kick them out of your apartment? Will they sleep in the streets subsequently? Or if the two of you work out and the bills have doubled but they can’t find a job, will you assure them that there will still be enough money to put food on the table for the time they’re looking for work? Think about that for a second.

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How To Save Money

Now that you know what money can contribute into a real relationship, it’s time to know how to save it. Please know that the tips that will be listed here may or may not apply to you. However, it’s always good to know new ideas that you can incorporate into your life.

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Don’t Buy Unnecessary Things

You can go shopping and reward yourself from time to time. But is it really necessary to switch to a new mobile phone whenever a new model comes out? Do you really need new shoes or a new bag just because there’s a sale? If there’s a new skincare line but your skin is in good condition, is it necessary to splurge?

Little things can account to huge ones so spend your money wisely.

Stop Eating Out

Many people will disagree with this but you have to understand that eating out can amount to x3 of your real food allowance. Added to that, those morning Starbucks coffee don’t help either. It’s okay to spend money on good food from time to time but doing it daily will not only be unhealthy for you, it’s also unhealthy for your wallet.

Don’t Go To Many Social Events

Some professions require socializing, but you don’t have to go to every single event in your social calendar. Added to that, personal lives can also create a busy schedule and if you’re the typical social butterfly, you know what this exactly means.

Yes, you’ll be invited to 5 or even more than 10 birthdays in a week. You may also be invited to numerous ribbon-cuttings and launches. It’s great that you want to support whoever it is but the gas money, gifts, new outfits, etc. will all add up and won’t let you save enough money to meet your significant other faster.

Basics Vs. Luxury

Quality is better than quantity when it comes to many aspects of life. But necessities don’t necessarily have to be top of the line. You don’t need to spend more than $3,000 for a brand new computer to be productive at work. Your $5,000 Herman Miller chair is a liability and not an asset because you’ll get the same salary at the end of the month.

This is goes for gadgets, outfits, apartment rentals, etc.

Investing is okay… if small

Unless you’re a genius entrepreneur, don’t put all of your savings in investing for stocks, businesses, etc. Remember that first and foremost, you’re most important milestone is to live together with your partner. Reach that first before trying to expand.

Life would be more successful if you’re trailing it with the love of your life.

No Gambling

For obvious reasons, stay away from this. Yes, there’s a probability that you will win. But this won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight. You will only win what you’re winning to lose. If you don’t have a million yet, you won’t win a million. And if you do have a million already, why the hell are you still in a long-distance relationship?

Only Meet Friends On Special Occassions

In connection with the social events section, DO NOT go in every little thing that you’re invited to go to. Be selective on what you’ll attend and make sure that you’ll only say yes to your super close friends. If you will say yes to everyone, you will lose a lot of money.

Stop Partying

Lastly, if you’re the type of person who still enjoys clubbing even if you’re not single anymore, have some respect for your partner. Don’t use the excuse of you, wanting to dance. That will not make sense any way you look at it.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, and if you apply it to your life, you will soon be in the arms of the one you love. Remember, spend your money and time wisely!

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