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How to NOT be a Single Transgender Woman

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Have you been a member of a trans dating site for a reasonable amount of time but you’re still a single transgender woman? Don’t worry, I’ve been single for 7 years and I’m going to share with you how I was able to break the curse. I’m assuming that you’re looking for a partner because you’re on My Transsexual Date. If not, I didn’t mean to offend you with my earlier statement.

Moreover, the tips that I’m going to be sharing are mostly applicable if you’re planning to date men. Please know that these tips may or may not work for you so please take this guide with a grain of salt.

Are You Ready for a Relationship?

Before looking for a boyfriend on a trans dating site, assess yourself first. Know if you’re really ready for a relationship. Discover if you’re open to all the adverse possibilities that may arise in dating; the heartbreaks, pressure, separations, infidelity, etc.

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Sometimes, when we’re single, we tend to unhealthily crave for a boyfriend just so that we wouldn’t feel the temporary loneliness that we’re going through. If you’re not brave enough for love, don’t look for it.

Love is a battlefield and it requires a well-equipped, strong, and level-headed individual. These are only the basic prerequisites when it comes to achieving true love. Trust me, it requires a whole lot more so again… are you ready?

Do you think you DESERVE your DEMANDS?

We transgender women, deserve to be loved. We deserve to be coveted, wanted, and pursued. However, sometimes, some of us tend to become too demanding when it comes to relationships. Yes, you should end up with the one you truly want but the question is, do you DESERVE him?

You see, it’s not bad to dream about the perfect guy who’s stunningly handsome, wildly rich, with perfectly chiseled abs, more than 6ft tall, and as romantic as a leading man from a Harlequin novel. However, if you don’t match all of these qualities, do you think that you’ll be able to bag a guy like this?

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Having dreams is okay but delusions are not. Please don’t think that I’m trying to put you down because trust me, I’m far from the perfect girl. However, I don’t have impossible standards. If you truly want to end up with someone like this, you must focus on improving yourself first.

Good luck to you and I hope that in the future, you’ll get to comment here and prove me wrong.

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Stop ASSUMING that he’s the SAME

This is one of the gravest mistakes that a transgender woman can commit in the early stages of dating. Some of us are ultra-paranoid that we tend to put the new guy in a basket of “Men are all the same”. Yes, there will be similarities but we are all unique from each other.

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If you keep planting this bad seed in your head, it’s what’s going to manifest. When you’re dating a new man, be excited and thankful for the opportunity. You’ll never know, he may be the one to take you down the aisle.

Furthermore, don’t tell a guy this kind of statement thinking that it would be a cute thing to say because trust me, you will just come across as rude, insecure, and paranoid.


Girl, if you’re single and your circle is filled with bitter and toxic single trans women friends, you’re never going to find a partner. Transgender women who lost trust in men must be avoided at all costs. Being friends with them will be the start of your demise and you might turn into a single trans woman forever.

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Nothing good will come out of talking badly about men on a daily basis. It will invite nothing but bad vibes and will brainwash your mentality when it comes to men. Please don’t think that I’m pandering to men okay. I’m just here to help you find a boyfriend and possibly in the future, a husband.

Moreover, if for unfortunate reasons, you start dating while you still belong to a circle like this, your relationship with the new guy will be ruined. They will do nothing but feed your mind with lies and baseless assumptions which will make you lose trust in your new date.

If you don’t want to be a spinster, choose the right circle.

Don’t be too EASY

The majority of men are hunters and this quality will always be in their nature. If you give everything away too easily, men will constantly drop you like a hot potato. If you don’t believe me, put yourself in a man’s shoes.

Let’s say that two guys invited you to dinner. In this dinner, both guys served fish. The one served fish that he bought from the grocery store while the other, rode a small boat, and battled the waves to feed you with the same fish. Who do you think has more stories to tell?

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Of course, the answer is the latter. Because he went out of his way just to get it and I’m pretty sure that he will treasure the moment forever unlike the other guy who just went into the grocery store and conveniently got the fish that he’ll probably forget about in just a matter of a day or two.

You can also use the bear metaphor if you want to picture it out as something more complex but you get the gist. A man will treat a woman way more special if he had a hard time getting what he wanted out of her. Be the fish in the sea and not the one in the frozen foods section.

Believe in Love

Just like the line from Celine Dion’s song The Power of Love, “Love comes to those who believe it, and that’s the way it is”. Keep logging in on My Transsexual Date and don’t stop believing that you will receive love.

Good luck!



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