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Trans meetups in Tampa, FL

Compared to Miami and Key West, Tampa is still a growing holiday destination. But its relaxed lifestyle is often the advantage of this sleepy city on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

When it comes to the LGBT rights, the city follows Florida’s state-enforced LGBT laws. There are some laws in Florida however that are not as progressive as states like California and New York City. With the current political climate, some states such as Florida have not been the most ideal place to live for transgender women.

Getting to know trans women in Tampa

The quality of life for trans women in Tampa isn’t bad. But it can definitely be better. In general, trans women in America lead better lives than many around the world. Though it really depends on the state regarding specific laws.

Trans woman from Tampa
Trans woman from Tampa – unsplash.com

In Florida, trans women can only change the gender identity on their birth certificate after surgery. And protections for trans women in their place of employment can be very ambiguous. There is still a lot more to do to make Tampa a better place to live for trans people.

Trans women in Tampa are like many trans women in the USA. They can be free to be who they want to be. They’re outgoing, expressive, and they have the option to come out. They are outspoken when it comes to their rights. Any trans-oriented man would be lucky to date a trans woman in Tampa.

Trans meeting places in Tampa

There are several LGBT-centered spaces in Tampa where you can hangout. You can meet trans-oriented men or trans women around you. So if ever you’re in Tampa, don’t miss out on our suggested places here.

The Players Club Tampa

Are you looking to have some great adult fun? Then you should check out The Players’ Club in Tampa. This spot is known for being a go-to place for a wild time because of its performers. They have trans performers and trans nights. So you get to have special nights where you get to hang out with trans women and trans-oriented men.

The Players Club Tampa
The Players Club Tampa – Facebook @TheePlayersClub

The Players Club Tampa is ranked the #1 After Hours Club in Central Florida. It’s the only exclusive after-hours party spot in Ybor City that offers a full nude experience. Open from Thursday to Sunday, the party kicks off at 10 PM and keeps going until 6 AM. It definitely is one of the coolest places in town where you can kick back, relax. This place is where you can enjoy the company of trans performers who know how to bring the party. Forget the usual scene; this club is always shaking things up in Central Florida’s nightlife.

This might just be the place where you can meet new friends or potential lovers. So get ready to dive into an unforgettable adult entertainment experience. Make sure to drop by The Players Club in Tampa whenever you find yourself in Central Florida.


City Side Lounge

Do you find yourself wanting to just chill and have a drink? The perfect laidback spot to unwind and just soak up the welcoming atmosphere is City Side Lounge. This awesome LGBT cocktail lounge has everything you need for a fantastic time! They have TVs where you can catch up on your favourite shows. They also have an inviting outdoor patio for those who prefer a breath of fresh air.

City Side Lounge
City Side Lounge – Facebook @CitySideLounge

City Side Lounge isn’t just your ordinary hangout; it’s an experience waiting to happen. You can just picture it. You and some new friends just sipping on delicious cocktails while playing pool. And if you’re feeling a bit brave, you can unleash your inner rockstar with some karaoke. If not, then you can just have some liquid courage in the form of their delicious drinks. The venue ensures a lively night filled with laughter and memorable moments.

But that’s not all! City Side Lounge takes entertainment up a notch with their cabaret shows. So if you want to add a touch of glamour to your evening, this is the place to be. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular, it’s the perfect setting to connect with new people. So if you’re in the mood for a good time, City Side Lounge is your go-to spot!


Southern Nights Tampa

Southern Nights Tampa stands out as one of the most sought-after LGBT nightclubs in the area. This LGBT nightclub creates an unparalleled experience that you need to try. It takes the Florida nightlife to the next level with its captivating drag performances. You’ll be awed by their energy and glamour as they take the stage. If that’s not enough, you will be mesmerised by the sensational go-go dancing that adds on a layer of excitement to the night.

Southern Nights Tampa
Southern Nights Tampa – Facebook @SouthernNightsTampa

There are renowned DJs who set the stage on fire with a mix of modern and upbeat tunes. Their electrifying music ensures that the dance floor stays alive all night long. So whether you’re a dancer or just looking to watch other people bust a move, the music keeps the party alive.

Southern Nights Tampa also has a wide selection of expertly crafted cocktails that complements the lively atmosphere. But it’s not just about drinks here, it’s the entire experience. The welcoming ambiance makes it easy to strike up conversations with other patrons. The crowd is a mix of young and young-at-heart. So making new friends here is inevitable. So if you’re looking for more than just a night at the club, Southern Nights Tampa is definitely for you.


Bradley’s on 7th

Bradley’s on 7th is nestled in the vibrant heart of Ybor’s GaYbor District. It’s a cherished gem among locals bringing in locals with its unique charm.

When you step inside Bradley’s you’ll be enchanted by their quirky decor. There are lifelike tree trunks stretching from floor to ceiling, making the room feel whimsical. It has a stream that cuts into the bar top which makes the whole place eclectic with a touch of nature. It’s different from other run-of-the-mill bars because of its artistic experience.

Bradley’s on 7th
Bradley’s on 7th – Facebook @Bradleyson7th

It’s not just the decor that makes this place standout in the local scene. The staff are friendly and welcoming. They also have an array of expertly crafted drinks. They also host a thrilling amateur strip contest every Thursday.

On the weekends, the venue comes alive with the beats of talented DJs. They have sexy dancers and glamourous drag performances so you’ll never be bored. Bradley’s is open throughout the week. Doors open at 4 PM to 3 AM, Mondays to Fridays. And they’re open from 2 PM to 3 AM on the weekends. Make sure to stop by and maybe it’ll be your favourite in the local scene. Surely Bradley’s promises an unforgettable experience everytime you are there.


Reservoir Bar

If the club scene isn’t your vibe, Reservoir Bar is your safe haven. It’s a laidback and unassuming place tucked away in the hear of Ybor City. It’s an unpretentious dive bar that proudly calls itself “the finest hole-in-the-wall”. Patrons can relax in their welcoming atmosphere that encourages mingling.

Reservoir Bar
Reservoir Bar – Instagram @reservoir_bar

You can go for a round of pool, test your precision with dars, or explore other games. Having a little friendly competition might spark something between you and someone here. The bar has an extensive menu full of boozy cocktails and speciality beers. Their great selection ensures that there’s a perfect drink for everyone no matter how picky.

Though Reservoir Bar isn’t exactly a gay bar, everyone is welcome here. Because the doors are wide open to everyone, it draws in a diverse crowd full of friendly locals. On the weekends, they have homemade Bloody Marys which can be a delightful touch to your weekend indulgence.

Operating daily from noon until 2:30 in the morning, you will have all the time to enjoy their selection of drinks. They also have a happy hour from noon to 7PM. Reservoir Bar invites everyone to its welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy a genuine hole-in-the-wall experience.


The Honeypot

One of the most vibrant gay clubs in Tampa is They Honey Pot. It’s a dynamic gay club in Tampa with an expansive dance floor that is one of the best in the city. The electrifying atmosphere is further enhanced by the neon lights and great music.

The Honeypot
The Honeypot – Facebook @photo

It’s not just an ordinary venue. It’s one of the best local LGBT scenes in Tampa where locals and foreigners come to party. There are live DJs who play a mix of modern and classic tunes, allowing patrons to let loose and dance the night away. They have a chic balcony space that provides a retreat for guests to have some refreshments.

Fridays at The Honey Pot are special because of their drag shows. The crowd is entertained by world-class divas who can elevate the whole clubbing experience. Saturdays offer a diverse range of unique events ensuring that no two nights are ever the same.

As with any other popular club in Tampa, there might be a line snaking out the front door. But, the short wait is a small price to pay for entry into one of the hottest LGBT clubs in Tampa. The exciting LGBT scene inside this venue is why it’s truly a must-visit destination.



Enigma Bar and Lounge isn’t exactly in Tampa’s GaYborhood since it’s located across the bridge in downtown St. Petersburg. But it’s only a stone’s throw away from Tampa and the drive there is absolutely worth it. It’s got a little cosy dance floor and great ambiance that will certainly make your night quite memorable.

Enigma – Facebook @enigmastpete

The place has a little al-fresco seating area with chic pavement tables where you can relax and have drinks. It’s the perfect atmosphere to have a conversation and to meet potential partners. Enigma Bar is considered a gay lounge but it welcomes everyone. Crafted by Ed Gonzalez, formerly associated with George’s Alibi, Enigma quickly became a success upon opening. Enigma’s calendar of activities is always full of surprises with karaoke nights, guest DJs, and drag shows, which give guests different entertainment options nearly every night.

Another great thing about Enigma is that it’s near the lively EDGE district which is surrounded by locally-owned businesses, boutiques, and painting studios. So you can explore the area before you treat yourself to the lounge which is open from noon until 3 AM. Whether you prefer outdoor seating for a cool and relaxing time or a lively dance-off inside, Enigma caters to both preferences.


The Castle

In the heart of gay-friendly Ybor City or as they say in Tampa, the gaYborhood is The Castle. While it isn’t officially tagged as a gay bar, it’s gained quite a following. At The Castle, they have three areas for music: the dungeon, the saloon, and the courtyard. This multi-level Ybor hotspot has much to offer to its patrons. It usually draws in the Goth community of Tampa, but other guests also come to enjoy the scene.

The Castle
The Castle – Instagram @castleybor

The venue hosts a variety of events, from Steampunk nights to royal masquerades and trance parties. Before you go, make sure to check The Castle’s events calendar so you can pick your interests and costume.

The Castle embraces a fun-loving and non-judgmental atmosphere, making it a welcoming spot for anyone with an open mind, be it the gay community, the Goth scene, or beyond.

Crafting creative cocktails that complement the eccentric atmosphere, The Castle’s bartenders are seasoned pros, with many having dedicated a decade or more to this unique establishment. Keep in mind that The Castle is open exclusively on Friday and Saturday nights from 10:30 pm to 3 am, offering a distinctive and lively nightlife experience for those in search of something special.


Easier trans dating in Tampa

You could always go to LGBT bars like the ones we mentioned above. But do you want to make trans dating easier for you in Tampa? In this day and age, you really don’t want to waste time. That’s why our site is your best bet.

My Transgender Date homepage
My Transgender Date homepage

You can browse through different profiles locally or internationally. Plus, you don’t have to disclose your gender identity or sexual preference. You can immediately find decent trans-oriented men and trans women to talk to. Join My Transgender Date now and make your trans dating journey the easiest you’ll ever have!

Map of dating places

Transgender Organisation in Tampa: Transgender Network Tampa

There are still a lot of trans women in Tampa that need support. Even though the government has its programmes that support trans women, they still assistance. There are transgender organisations that bring awareness to trans issues while improving the lives of transgender people.

Transgender Network Tampa
Transgender Network Tampa – Facebook @TransNetTampa

Transgender Network Tampa is a trans support group in the Florida area. They are a gender-inclsuive group geared towards supporting all genders under the transgender umbrella. They strive to be a safe zone free of judgement.


The best trans dating site

In 2013, there weren’t many options for trans women to date in a safe and decent environment. Many trans women and trans-oriented men would have a hard time with dating. That’s why My Transgender Date was created — to provide a decent and safe space for trans dating.

Maki with the moderation team
Maki with the moderation team – mytransgenderdate.com

We want to destigmatize trans relationships and prove that trans love is real love. We have connected many trans women and trans-oriented men through the years. And we want to do the same for you.

We have testimonials of members who were successful in their love journey. And who knows? You might be the next one to share your success story. Sign up with My Transgender Date now and find your love in Tampa!

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