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Category: Love and Relationships

New Year, New Version of Yourself

Are you a transgender woman who’s serious about changing the course of your life this 2021? It’s never too late to start anew. If you’re determined and have the fire to live your dream life, everything is possible! Today, the most important aspects of your life will be discussed. Don’t forget to take your pen […]

How to Seduce Transgender Women

Trans dating is a bit different in this year of 2021. The pandemic has stolen many opportunities for people to meet up. However, it’s still imperative to know how to seduce transgender women. Doing so will equip you with what you’ll need should the opportunities come back in full swing. First off, you must know […]

Best Kissing Tips For Men

Regardless of what kind of relationship you’re in, knowing how to be a good kisser matter. However, this guide is more beneficial for men most especially if you’re in the early dating stages. The reason being is that men are usually the ones to initiate the kiss. Don’t turn your date off and compromise the […]

Making LDR Work on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to be the bane in couples who are in a long-distance relationship. However, it does not have to be because there are many ways to express your love from afar. Couples who are in LDRs have touch stolen away from them. The efforts to keep the fire alive must be improved. In […]

Celebrating Being Alone On Valentines Day

The world tends to put a lot of pressure on couples on Valentine’s day. However, while this is happening, people alone on Valentine’s day are indirectly pressured as well. This is why it’s comforting to know that there are ways to celebrate this day without having a partner. If you want to know what to […]

How to Find Success as a Transgender Woman

Are you a transgender woman and you’re dealing with so much discrimination? If not, are you simply being put down by your thoughts that you are not good enough based on your gender identity? Have you lost your self-confidence for other reasons? Today, you’re going to know how to find success as a transgender woman. […]

How to get your Boyfriend to Propose to You

Are you at the stage of your life whereby you’re done with the peculiarness that comes along with trans dating? Do you want to tie the knot?  Most women find it very hard to open up this type of feeling to their boyfriends because of the fear of being rejected. Added to that, a lot […]